*RANT* Does anyone else hate when someone fishes right next to you?

I fish at the most absurd places on the map, yet these assholes still come right next to me and try to fish with me. They try to start a conversation with me but they don’t understand how much I hate them for it. THIS IS MY FISHING SPOT. GO TO YOUR OWN FISHING SPOT, THIS IS MINE. I HATE YOU. I come here for myself, not to have some stupid ass “fishing party”, you clown - you mindless ape.


Can you not just say “Oh I came here to be alone”? This post confuses me

Nah bro you need to fish with the homies and have ‘fishing parties’ because it is scientifically proven to do absolutely nothing but it does help you vibe :sunglasses:

No, I run away from them - panicked.

I am watching a movie while fishing. I can no longer vibe, only watch.

eh - sometimes i just feel like going to a large group to vibe
sometimes i just feel like going “fuck off you little shit please i need to fish”

it’s sort of half/half for me

i feel uncomftable cause most of this people try to kill me first and casually fish right beside me and start dancing

I don’t trust any scumbag with spiky white hair just because of this. Far too many people do this

Ok so here’s a solution, you strat chanting arabic in the chat, they’ll be either scared shitless, or they’ll say something along the lines of what the fuck? In the case of the latter, smack them in the head with

whatever utensil you have at your disposal

i dont hate it but it does annoy me because some times when im listening to the sounds i hear their fish or something and it throws me off

they’re just trying to be friendly

i dont get it?
why would i hate anyone that comes by and fishes with me side by side?
is there something im missing?

I hate this not cause I don’t like fishing with people near me it’s because I put 200 percent sound volume throw the bait then start watching a video and wait for the bob sound to go back on, but if they fish next to me I don’t know which bobber sound is my own and I get confused.

Because they’re disturbing me and invading my personal bubble. Whenever I see a player in general, I suspect they only want to harm me. So when I am fishing the sea salt only on my mind, they throw me off

I do not want friends, only fish


yeah just say this lol issue solved, they’re probably just tryna be friendly i guess

If I wanted any company, I’d have gone over to people fishing right? But then again this statement contradicts itself I suppose.

what the fuck
who are you