Rant: Iris is not attractive, the community's warped image of her is

Find me one piece of art that actually resembles Iris, rather than a similar-looking older sister that looks as attractive as you think she is.

No one draws her as she is; who appears, far as anyone can reasonably assume, a 16 year old girl. Yes, I know Vetex said she was 18, and that’s not too far of a stretch, but let’s be real; that wasn’t your first assumption. Her supposed age is just a weasely lie to appease the fanbase. Also, 99% of Iris drawings show her with a clear face, no freckles in sight. It’s literally a key part of her design!

The collective obfuscation of these details are necessary to be attracted to this:
Iris_(Ravenna) (1)

While I may come off as against attraction to any Arcane Odyssey character, this is not the case. There is one exception to the rule.


This absolute baddie. And yes, I am serious. This is not an opinion of mine, but rather an objective analysis of the various factors at play.


Look at this image I found on Google. Does it make her look different from how she did in game? No. Is it attractive? Yes. The same cannot be said for fanart of Iris, which almost without exception makes her look older.


The final reason why Maria is superior to Iris lies in the unique mechanics of her boss battle. Her ultimate attack, specifically. I’ll leave you to figure out the implications.

Don’t tell me, let me guess

Because Maria is actually a hard boss fight instead of just m1 spam and because it has a new attack

Hi rb1!

Yes, this does mean that she is in fact a baddie, however, think more specifically

iris mid ass hell and she got no drip thats a deadly combo

I am 100% agreed with your statement sir

"woman :eyes: "

bruh i was reading it when u delete it

I mean, no duh, of course iris isnt attractive, she looks like and quite literally is a block game character.

the community’s image of her is somehow probably slightly closer to what vetex’s image of her lowkey tbh…

it was repitition

you solved your own message
opinion denied
sending death to your location



I agree stop being attracted to legos (and if you are please stop posting about it)

but, look at this


just now realizing how weird and squished ao’s faces are

especially with the 2.0 bodies giving slightly more realistic proportions it makes it more apparent how chubby roblox heads are

peak post