Rant: Iris is not attractive, the community's warped image of her is


what a woman?

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Yo the hell I left for like 4 days and all these things happen in the comments

matt walsh jumpscare

I am

:lying_face: :lying_face: :lying_face:

nuh uh
you’re literally insane

so what i can be insane if i want

and still cap
Screenshot 2024-05-10 12.56.47 PM

i thought woman are like a myth, last time i spoke to one it was a trap :frowning:

you are not a wise mystical tree
you are a puddle of purple goo which causes insanity

poor fella got siren’d

no it was a femboy

never heard anything more true in my life

Because she was like the first female character that was shown in teasers. It started as a joke

it always starts as jokes…

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Hot take: I don’t like the word ‘trap’ used as a broad descriptor of femboys and/or trans women, but I don’t really have as much of a problem with it when it’s used in individual cases where someone genuinely were tricked by a feminine person into thinking they had… ‘the other thing’.

It’s still icky but what redeems it in my eyes is that it the fact that it neccessarily implies (correctly) that ‘transvestigators’ are bullshit artists. Like, how are you supposed to believe that when there are multitudes of people mistaking femboys for cis women lmao

dude i was making that on the way


i wasnt even thinking of the joke that u said, i just tried to make it funny