Honestly. Just stfu with your pvp tier lists. As of now WoM pvp is entirely aiming, blocking, and dodging based.

Every magic has some form of good side to it. Like I’m deadass here.

I see a lot of people complaining about light? Wtf? Bro just take 50 less hp and exchange it for power and you’ll be doing like 172 dmg for a 100/100 blast. Shit’s fast as fuck if you can’t use it idk what to say about ur skill issue :person_shrugging:
Damn if you’re hating on Poison you’re even stupider. Poison legit doesnt let the person ur fighting regen hp. That’s the point of DoT.

Oh yeah and people shit on Wood. It’s not the best I will admit that but if you just use a bow shot with like just 10 strength stats you can inflict bleed then blast them for that sweet dmg. Landing 1 bow shot isn’t that hard. Also don’t shit ur pants that I suggested using something besides power + defense because I know yall soy guild tryhard pvpers will end up writing paragraphs on paragraphs about how I’m bad at pvp (I am a little dogwater tho) then put my home address in there

The even funnier thing is that people think heavy magics are bad because they’re slow. Bro they’re BRRRRROKEN if you use them right. A glass cannon gold user (or a tanky one) who knows how to dodge and block can instantly shred you man. And don’t get me started with that “walk away” B.S. because you clearly have never fought a Gold user or used the magic correctly.

Anything works in this game.

And that’s my autism-fueled rant about how I absolutely loathe how the 2 pvpers still on WoM think about magic


L bozo


I have fought a couple. They were all Randoms and I can safely say that if your at least 20m away they cant do shit cause they all spam self explosion. On the off chance you fight an actually good gold user then yea you cant do shit.

I can think what I want B)

True true.very good I will say your arguement is very good

What are they gonna do when I walk 2 steps back

water is objectively better

I respect everyone’s opinion here :+1:


“All magics are the same, but using Shadow is much easier than using sand”

its not about power, its about lowest level of skill needed to perform good.

wind ez gg

good luck hitting me when you get blasted 2000m backwards instantly (yeah I have max magic size on my wind file, who’s asking?)

Ok but how is ash any better than poison? Poison outshines it in almost everyway.

Poison has : DoT
Ash has : Impact dmg, size


I agree that all the talk about tier lists is annoying, and your statement that every magic has its own strengths is definitely true, but it’s undeniable some magics have the edge over others. In a fight between a Crystal user and a Wind user of equal skill, the Wind user will come out on top every single time.

You can make any magic work and be effective with enough skill, but that doesn’t mean that all magics are on an even playing field. That is the reason that tier lists exist; to display the disparity between the strengths of every magic in the game.


Metal/Gold magic users are either the most passive people you’ll meet in wom, Or they make you wonder of things are going well at home for them. Because god damn I’ve never seen a man blast with so much aggression.

theyre not even actual pvpers lmfaoo

Light Winning, since 2014.

very evident as i main crystal

fight people with wind and we have equal skill
go on crystal and i lose like every game
“oh but you’re probably better on wind”
i have 500 hours on crystal and 100 on wind. i have more experience with crystal, but wind is just better. hell, wind does like 10 damage less than crystal but is stupidly faster. only thing crystal has going for it is clash rates, size and a broken bleed synergy that wont be worrisome if you have a 1022 build
for me to play crystal well i literally need to spam rising tide for bleed, and all of you who have fought me will know how easy that is to block

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