Ranting about the Magic Elementals

Hey, so maybe don’t criticize something if you can’t explain an inkling of what’s “wrong.” Also, maybe do some reading and/or light research into something?

Basically, if I seem really impatient to you about something regarding art, keep in mind that this is likely not a new occurrence (especially if it’s about the Elementals). And when ut comes to genuine feedback I will try my best to take it into account, but you need to give me some sort of starting point because saying that the whole things looks a certain way and thus is worse in your opinion foes not help me to change or improve that.

I love and appreciate all the suggestions regarding the Elementals and advice with my other art, but please understand that I put a lot of thought into what creature is to represent what Magic. Some things are redundant and some people just don’t read. You have no excuse not to see what is planned, as I have a list, a key for that list, and a Trello link that should give you the basis for where I’m going with everything. Please don’t make a suggestion for an Elemental until you’ve seen the Trello because it’s not that tough to get through. All you have to do is scroll to the Bestiary Entries section and it has labels that mark it as unchanging or finished.

I also have a huge disclaimer at the top that some have chosen to ignore altogether. In it states that it’s not a suggestion for the game and that I won’t be doing humanoids. You know what constitutes as humanoid? Bipedal, upright posture, two hands, two feet, distinct head. Or human features like hands and a humanoid head. Please, please, please look at that before you make a suggestion. Even if it says set, there’s still a chance to have it change if I think it’s that good, so shoot your shot after reading the damn Trello. I changed the Chimera to the Oasis Crab for Sand even though it was set and I’m happy I did so, so again, shoot your shot AFTER YOU LOOK AT THE TRELLO.

Please do not feel targeted, I’m just trying to find examples that highlight the repetition I see. I truly do appreciate your contribution.

Here’s a link to the original post

Here are links to the Trellos

Here’s the prompt in big, bold letters

Now time for examples of my frustration.

That's too human

(the source is a Subjectively video) Fixing LOL’s Boring Champs: Malphite

Did you read?


Wow, that is a criticism I suppose

You try it

Examples of things going well

Examples of how I reply

Look at the Trello before you make a suggestion, give me a starting point if you’re going to offer criticism, and as much as I appreciate all your suggestions for Elementals it seems none of you read the prompt or Trello and that’s incredibly repetitive.


Umm sorry for the video and ent picture :flushed:

No, you’re fine lol (definitely not the worst exampl3)

Can ya re-do your magic elemental suggestion art except they’re all in the art style of High Renaissance and include highly-humanoid figures with a focus on physiognomy and body expression and can ya also get this all done by tomorrow. Thanks, tex!

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yesyes, ofcoursen

too many snakes?

90% of mythical creatures are just variations of snakes

yes i gave conceded and made multiple snakes

Why gravity magic circle is an sniper scope

sign of the center of gravity

n i c e