Rate my fit

new avatar i made. what do you think about it


it’s alright, simplistic, no overcrowding of accessories, 8/10


8/10 same logic as warm


Nice and clean (ignoring the hair that I just saw and can’t unsee; help)


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hair clipping is tough to fix sadly

hey, it’s impossible to make a perfect fit without hair clipping, take mine for example:

you look like you work in the EU

Looks kinda familiar

Just dont use hair
Take a look in my avatar(i dont have any image of it here)

but some people like hair, and some hats look ugly as fuck without hair

Where do you people find good clothes, all the clothes I see on the marketplace are botted

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honestly, just, I don’t use hair lmao.

you just gotta really search for one guy who makes good clothing. the ones i found were made by Blotnik, and I found that by looking at a certain other forumer’s avatar. it might be more fruitful to try and look for the creators via other peoples’ avatar than finding their clothing directly on the avatar shop.

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blotnik is a great source, or honestly, any old roblox clothes distributor, old roblox clothes had so much charm to them, and easily beat the constant “rainbow adidas hoodies” or “teal dragon fursuit cosplay” or “Y2K emo grunge goth girl overly exposing shirt with hello kitty print” of today.

0 hair clipping :hot_face:


you also have 0 hairline


that’s what the bucket is for


me with no hair on my avatar at all:

I see what you’re doing, you’re trying to remove the label of furry by removing all hair follicles from your avatar!

what? my roblox character literally looks nothing like a furry / never intended it to be one.

just search up “hectopopobro” in people and you’ll see what I mean.

(warning: pee and poop color scheme :frcryin: )