Rating Your Drip (really original topic)

Its ok i guess

  1. Delete it.
  2. Its a sailor with a bandana why tf would you give him a corsair captain hat.
  3. Its interesting but doesnt really fit ao imo
  4. at least its better than the first abomination but i could see room for improvement.
  5. Same as before. A sailor with a bandan just looks ass im sorry.
  6. If he aint shirtless i dont want him.
  7. He is too black ( whoever reades this, No)

Its something but what were you thinking when putting that face and that cape brother…

Lmao the face I just find really funny and haven’t felt like changing it yet

I love the cape😔

  1. Ren with a samurai armor and knight pauldrons. I dont know what to say tbh.
  2. Kinda mid.
  3. Please fix that lad.
  4. Its not bad, but the leggings ruin it for me

Thanks bro🙂

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no problemo!!!

New mistral upd drip

You literally have the same build twice :sob:

(Disregard the easter staff, I just use it to cover the staff weapon I have in game [I’m praying they make it so I can just equip it as a skin to other staffs])

Thats ok.
Just remove the scarf and maybe do something about all these weapons

What the fuck is this

How do you want me to rate it if i cant see it

I’m a conj so ain’t much I can do about the weapons

Budget drip on a file I’m not really using much but managed to get some items that look good together, maybe if I get a top hat I can be evil Abraham Lincoln. Wish those white stripes were yellow though. Ignore the blood.

Featured in another drip topic, but here too now. Amethyst variant crystal conjurer.

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Amethyst goes hard.

You can make a cool druid slot if you play around the armor and accessories, keep the staff tho.