Rating your WoM or any roblox game characters

show pic of your character from any roblox game and i rate it out of 10

Here are my main WoM/AO files

I can’t get n World of magic right now so I’ll just share a pic I found. I’ll be back on Monday
Roblox 12_8_2021 4_26_35 PM

7/10 on the first one, pretty cool
8/10 on the second one, simple but good
8/10 on the third one, not bad but the red kinda sticks out

7/10, mercenary armor is just kinda hard to look at for me but the hair is good

my fit featuring silent tower being raided in the background

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9/10 i have the mummy set but cant make anything good with it lol

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arcane reborn

heres also an old pic of my main file, currently my main file is a very basic looking character because i dont really know how i want it to look, ill probably drip it out once ao comes out

Here’s my AR avatar as well

drippy af :cold_face: 9/10



ar customization better than wom ong

Arcane reborn

World of magic

WoM files, (yes they look like shitty homeless children)
omg how did you find out I was in argay government?!?!
I’m pretty sure the other games I have characters in them are shitty bandit beaters so here’s my Roblox avatar

Here’s mine as well


Here my main account character ( ill try to make great looks on another files )

winter decaying

suprised more people dont use the leather armor for drip

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for me is ugly but its good to see some pples that still remember that leather armor exists