[RBA Devlog] 1) New Beginnings

Yeah I made a new game :poggers2:

It is currently very unfinished (I have yet to put the fighting in this fighting game)
Here’s a list of things I need to do:

  • 1). add swords and stuff
  • 2). make the map better
  • 3). add gui stuff and make the stamina bar work
  • 4). add a place to edit your loadout
  • 5). add gamepasses for those sweet sweet stonks

oh yeah, credits to @bacon_creator for giving me the idea to make this game


also, I’m not going to give up halfway through like I did with my past few games.

ooh nice, i managed to influence somebody to make a game
im gonna play this and keep in check with progress

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Can I make the map? The game sounds really interesting.

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are you going to add food to heal when injured? because I thought of an interesting mechanic that would happen if you ate too much

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The gui is a bit bad, the black text is hard to see in the blue background.
I would rather have a shift to run instead of a tool. I’m assuming you know how to script stamina its easy so good luck.

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Ooh, it seems like you have more support on this project. I’m excited!

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Notes before I go to sleep:

  • use bindable events, not remote events. They are very, very different.
  • use/add onto the module script and make it give swords to players that join the arena (can’t give it when they’re at spawn because of spawn killing)
  • randomly kick people due to “skill issue”
  • maybe add spell tools?
  • mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell
  • watch gui tutorials before making guis, I have no clue what I’m doing

Just use modulescripts instead of BindableEvents. Also you should still use RemoteEvents for doing server side stuff like taking damage.
RemoteEvents are for Client - Server or Server - Client(s)

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the ai is evolving

I’m curious, how can ModuleScripts replace what BindableEvents do? It seems like they have pretty different use cases to me. Modulescripts run only once, and always return the same value when required. BindableEvents are used for script-to script communication, and can be fired by any script at any time.