Reasons why Deepwoken release date might be coming with the info dump

  1. The game is probably almost done. Back in February, Raguza said that the game’s systems were 80% done, and they only had to add more content after that. Unless plans have changed significantly (Which is a possibility), development should be almost over.

  2. To my knowledge, he hasn’t denied that the release date will be revealed. Although this would be a stupid point in a vacuum, I don’t think it is in this context. Ragoozer is letting hype build. He knows a lot of people are expecting a release date, and not providing one would result in a lot of disappointment, which could be bad for the game. If he wanted to avoid a large scale disappointment like that, the best course of action would be to explicitly say there was no release date.

  3. Ragoozer replied to a tweet that said “the doc = sorry guys answered enough on twitter already, the game drops when it drops.” with “Lmaooo.” This is obviously not confirmation, but it’s something.

  4. The same release date, which is very soon, was given by two different people with access to the game. It was played off as a joke in both cases, but it could be more than a coincidence.

This is just wild speculation. It’s very possible that there will be no release date at this info dump. However, YOU SHOULD GET HYPED ANYWAYS SETTING OURSELVES UP FOR DISAPPOINTMENT LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO


what info dump

dump these NUTS

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I still don’t understand the deepwoken hype.

Permadeath PvP game is permadeath PvP game. 100% guaranteed toxic hellhole.
So far literally nobody has actually told me how its going to be better than rogue outside of being incredibly vague, and if said vague information is all you have, how do you actually know it will be this gigantic improvement that everybody sets it up to be.

Whether the toxicity remains or not, I know I’ll enjoy my time with the game just like I enjoyed my first 4 hours with Rogue.

I dunno about you, but if a game asks for actual money and only provides 4 hours of content before I get burnt out or absolutely hate it… then that doesn’t make me feel particularly great about spending money on it.

is this what it feels like to be inferno

4 hours is only the worst case.
Also there’s no way I’m not buying it lol, the game looks too cool

Does it atleast have a tutorial?

I will be very annoyed if it doesn’t, but I’ll muscle through anyways. At the very least, I want it to be self-explanatory enough that I don’t need to whip out the wiki every 5 minutes.

If it sticks with the same bullshit philosophy that rogue stuck to, then its instantly losing credit for requiring me to look up a tutorial online to actually play it.

I get no handholding by not telling the player what to do every 5 minutes, but not having a tutorial or any form of explanation to anything is just lazy and there’s no other way around it.


Like Vetex said, the “no hand holding” thing is just an excuse. Good games don’t require watching youtube videos in order to learn how to play.

I have spent probably like 8-10 hours in rogue and still don’t fully understand what I’m supposed to be doing. Tomeless? Weapon exp? Khei? What the heck


What I mean by no hand holding is giving the player a tutorial but not just going:
“Alright so first you need to head to [area1] and kill [number] [enemy] so you can proceed to [area2] and repeat on a different enemy.”

Most games don’t do that but the ones that do are just awful grinds.

Basically handholding is trash in games most of the time but explaining the controls and very basics is not handholding.

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And even worse is that there isn’t even a proper demo game for rogue.

Any large paid access game with a price above 100 robux should allow its tutorial to be played for free so people can actually understand what the hell they’re spending money on.

I’m really happy with the info we got.

We even got this line: “you will always be in danger of being gripped. However, towns have it in their best interest to keep order. Don’t expect to get away lightly with your crimes.” What this says to me is fighting in towns will have consequences. I really like this, the goal of this feature appears to be making towns relatively safe rather than the most dangerous places in the game.


“Killing players at and above your level will reward you, but you won’t get much in the way of rewards from weaker players.”

I just read the document and something I find odd is that they say that race rerolls will cost money.
Yet they also say that races are supposed to diversify gameplay.

Wouldn’t it be more diverse to either:
1: Let people pick their race at the start of each life.
2: Not have a stupid race system in the first place.

My main concern so far is that the game is just going to be excessively toxic and designed to be more toxic than it needs to be like RL was.
I’m looking at you, murder excessively large numbers of players quests.

If it can avoid that then it might actually not be the same thing where I absolutely hate how much effort was put into a near unplayable toxic hellhole.

Okay so.

Imagine WOM but


NPCs are incredibly different

Unlike rogue ganking in cities will definitely get your ass rotted

The map is twice the size of gaia (For reference… the current wom map is barely 45% gaias size)

Races dont carry everything (ex Navarans, Ashiins, Dinakeris, Azaels)

No classes and progression doesn’t matter in fights. A maxed out player that’s alright at the game can easily get smacked around by a freshie that’s godly at the game.

Perma death is equally more forgiving and harsh allowing you to select two skills to carry onto your next life

Progression will depend mostly on pve. PVP will still be a key factor just not as big as rogue was (It wont be a bandit beater though. These npcs are ridiculously more difficult than your average zombie scroom)

And most importantly the exploration will be infinitely better than rogue (Which alone was already better than aa AND wom exploration.)

So if perma death is enough to deter you away from it then idk what to say other than skill issue lmao.

… Are you joking?

How in gods name would it be diverse to pick what race you are?

People will just try and find a meta and the race that works best. Then everyone will repeat till rag patches the race. And then it repeats.

You’re making it sound like deepwoken will be progression based. As said before you can easily take out people your level or people slightly higher.

Rogue was unfair but if done correctly is disgustingly easy

Deep is gonna be hard and there’s no easy way out.

remember hard doesn’t mean unfair.