Recent(?) Lore Doc Changes Discussion

wall of lore be upon ye

I’m 80% sure the lore doc got some pretty big changes/additions made to it recently (as far as I can tell). I’m sure some of y’all noticed it already but I don’t think there’s been a forum thread on it yet? So I’ll just make this and put it all the big things that I could find. Again, I’m not sure how recently these changes were made but I’m pretty sure they’re relatively new.

Oh and here’s a link to the lore doc to check it out for yourself:


Right off the bat we now have Creation and spirit energy being put into the lore doc for the first time I think, and boy is it some JUICY stuff. There was that leaked(?) screenshot from Vetex from a bit ago that went into this info but it’s really cool seeing it officially.

Especially with how Creation and Chaos created the Titans/Gods to watch over the planet for some reason. Also I think this is the first time Titans have been mentioned in the lore doc?


I guess the War Ages aren’t canon anymore cause that section was replaced by this, which is actually really interesting in it’s own right. Especially since now we have an actual date for the timeline split of 100 AD.

That date is lowkey kinda weird though given the Romans had sort of assimilated the Greeks by that time (I think, it’s been a while since I’ve taken a world history class). So did the gods take on Roman forms at all? Poseidon and Zeus were still called exactly that in lore so I dunno… But more importantly, you know what that means?



Idk if this change was recent or not but this section definitely didn’t say Durza learned how to combine the powers of Curses before. What does that even entail, is it just using 2 Curses at the same time or did he actually learn how to combine Curses? Also wtf does undoing a Curse mean, the Absorption Curse already undoes a Curse from another person so???

Anyway that finishes the big stuff I could find, what do y’all think of these updates?

And I’m sure some of you other lore savvy folks in the forums know the lore doc better than me so pls put down any other changes you might’ve noticed!


whoa this is huge

no, there’s still only greek gods in the arcane universe as far as we know, so we won’t have jupiter or anyone like that

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Well, guess this means the minotaur exists somewhere out there in the AU.
Assuming the titans weren’t directly stated to be dead, do you think vetex plans to bring them up in the story at some point?

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explains the sirens i guess

yeah the Romans might’ve just renamed the greek gods in their own lore without knowing they were actual people lmao

praying this means we’ll get to see some more interesting creatures like the cyclopes or lamias in AO. granted vetex can always use the Durza nuke to handwave away why they aren’t around anymore :skull:

Nah, we’re gonna be fighting Zeus’ kid #544223

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As long as they’re humanoid then there is a chance they might be added, probably cyclopes more so than lamias since vetex isn’t against making large enemies

conveniently i only just read the full doc for the first time yesterday, so i thought the changes had always been there :sob:

That doesn’t really narrow it down in terms of species

Seems like they really removed Durza’s name. Before this got updated, Durza’s name was stated to be from an existing novel, and that it was bound to change as a result. So was Alalea. Vetex wants to make this into a book or book series, so it makes sense he would want to change it so it doesnt look like he’s ripping off another’s story

Also, I dont think much of the lore of the “War Ages” changed such as the events and the wars that happened, just that theyre not gonna use that name it seems. Makes sense I guess

Also, even with these changes and the addition of the mention of titans, Vetex still forgot to fix the fact that the lore doc still calls Prometheus a “god”. Classic Vetex.

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yeah cyclopes really only need a special face if we want to make it really simple for vetex. I mean maybe even a gorgon could be added, I’m sure there’s a snake hair hat out there to base them on

you must now burn the current lore doc into memory so you can join us in hunting for any changes :nod:

mfw the peacekeeper’s nemesis is now Zurda

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but isn’t he?

He’s a Titan. There’s a key difference.

isn’t he both

britannica says the same thing too

Does no one rember that Durza used to have to steal mutations?

he still has to

Then why tf does it say it up at the top of the post.

ok who got the doc pre changes lol

Cool changes though, Creation is a good addition to lore

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NAH FR I only got a copy from 2020 so it’s super outdated. still cool to compare but I wish I had saved a more recent copy