Restore my data if you can pls i lost everything, if anything can be done ty


I don’t believe that restores are a thing, sorry.

it isnt. check the faq.

damn bruh, welp imma stop playing wom if our data keeps getting deleted

What were you doing before your inventory got wiped?

Wasn’t doing anything, I wasn’t on the titlescreen or anything.

@KingJoseon you just sold them, nobody will ever care if you did it by purpose, don’t get to think that vetex will magically give you all the lost items back with no video proof that you was arrested and the bug occured.

Shut the fuck up, you just can’t say I sold them. It was a fucking bug you can’t say I sold them without proving it.

Well, someone in the previous page said if rejoining too quickly, data is loss.
Try not being that sped next time.

tuff luck lol
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Bruh “sped”, you know thats offensive to me as I have ASD in real life. Watch what your saying.

Once you leave the game and rejoin it quickly after, your data will most likely be lost and this goes with all games so there’s nothing anybody can do about it

Data loss surprisingly doesn’t happens in fantastic frontier, even if you rejoin quickly, it’s some special script i think.

YOU shut up.
you were literally being toxic to someone.

lmfao this thread is gold

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this IS a golden thread.

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we live in a society