Revolver agz upload


Good that these YouTubers advertising the game but they thumbnail mad goofy

Bro the one piece is real??


no minhere island is real its said to have the boob curse on it @anon82052662 has been hunting this curse for years now

Yeah they just do it to get more clicks which is understandable


Ash is looking pretty good over there :ash_magic:

Good video but some comments are goofy asf :moyai:

a select few:

tbh I dont care if these people dont play it thats there problem not mine ima enjoy ao :joy:

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i mean same here but how do mfs see the gameplay and instantly go “ah yes deepwoken”

well there wrong because aa existed before deepwoken they are the dumb ones

and they will likely still play the game on release :joy:

“…the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Shake it off, I shake it off.”

-Taylor Swift

They don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about just play ao

r15 has existed for 6 years and people still somehow dont know what it is lol

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I feel like he’s confusing the 2.0 Bodies with R6


He said r6

Yeah corrected, but that’s mainly the critique of AO’s characters, not how it’s animated

People hate on 2.0 way too damn much because it’s an Oder/Hip thing like chill

i dont think people hate 2.0 because its old, people have hated it since it came out because of the big trend of hating “oders” back then

Wow :sleeper:

There’s no use in convincing them, and that’s ok

I don’t like gatekeeping but I wouldn’t want people like that in AO’s playerbase anyway

Who judges a game based on animations alone? I guess that makes Anime Dimensions a fucking masterpiece then even though it’s just anime dungeon quest at it’s core

Also the person who said that AO is just WoM with a different map completely blew my mind. They disregarded the following:

Long Ass List Incoming
  • An Actual Storyline with cutscenes (Numerous roblox games lack this)
  • Magic Visual Revamps
  • Routes other than just magic
  • Bounty hunting
  • Faster and slightly better combat (+ dodging)
  • Customizable ships that allow you to change your crew, deckhands, cannon sets, rams, sails, color, etc
  • Cooking
  • Potions (on the way)
  • Dark sea (on the way)
  • Lost spells/techniques (on the way)
  • Non-human mobs (Sea monsters)

I could go on. Sure, the combat is similar I won’t deny that. But to say the game is exactly the same and that it hasn’t improved is just insane.


I remember that era. Now slenders have taken their place