Rhythm Games

I play rhythm games. i hope these links embed properly

This game is osu!'s mania gamemode. There are four buttons and you press them when the notes hit the judgement line (the circles).

Probably one of my better scores, but it’s still tainted by one random miss (i am not consistent). I think my skill level is around 4.5*… it’s enough to impress random people but not much more.

Map: hkmori - Anybody can find love (except you.) · beatmap info | osu! (its graveyard)

(the recording is a lil off idk what to do about it, map is also on 90% speed)

Game is Rhythia, a remake of Sound Space on Roblox.

You move your cursor over the squares when they come close.

I’m not consistent in this game either, basically all my scores have 30+ misses so they all look kinda bad.

This game has no right to be so fun, though maybe it’s just a phase like when I got top 12k in osu! catch and stopped for whatever reason (both of these games are really obscure so you can easily get high ranks).

The maps for Rhythia are in a random discord channel in their official server. Just use ctrl + f to find this map. Hell, you know the game is obscure when you have to download it from a github repository linked in a discord server. And most maps only have 5-10 likes at most.

I’ll probably schizo post more random scores in this thread. Maybe it’ll make me improve faster.

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Another rhythm game: A dance of fire and ice

Turns out, the motivation to try and get an impressive score (full combo, preferably with decent accuracy) is enough to make me improve.

I’m pretty sure this song is one of the many viral tiktok or edit songs.

Fellow rice main? Lot’s of long stamina maps

osu!std rise up… I’ve wanted to try mania and taiko but don’t want to invest the time yet

Long note scary…

ngl i only didnt try standard because i didnt want to deal with mouse vs pen thing (Didnt want to deal with one choice being less optimal than the other in the endgame like when i made spacebar my jump button in Celeste)

The game looks pretty cool with a funny looking endgame (doing 10 button streams for a single input) but the issue is that i dont have the money (I dont like spending money)

It is free, just find a game website

nah mouse is super viable. you just gotta learn the control for it. 3 in the top 12 use mouse, it’s just something you have to feel out to be rly comfortable

tablet is super better bc no drift but comes with a lot more maintenance and cost

This is a working site

It is free!

This looks very legit and likely has no issues as a browser game

(If i wanted to try the game so badly then id rather just pirate the game (though i dont like pirating games fr))

These seem contradictory, but i also have seen people with questionable playstyles get really good (index only for taiko or some dude who used two handed butterfly tap for vibro) so its probably fine

Also yeah i can understand the drift issues, its why im fine with using mouse for Rhythia since it has a comparatively small play area with hard borders + mouse players are most common so i can feel comfortable without spending hundreds of dollars on a free game (its not really free if u gotta drop a lotta money on the hardware)

it’s like, mouse isn’t impossible to use, it can definitely be more annoying to master, but a tablet is objectively better

Not gonna lie I dont know if im gonna stick with osu for long

Im getting lag spikes in mania… this game has no reason to be so difficult to run for my poor laptop but for whatever reason it is. and im not a huge fan of random lag spikes that ruin my acc and fc…

Maybe i will figure out how to set up Etterna

Since I haven’t posted here in a while, I will try to make up for it by posting 5 clips. I’ve improved a fair bit since like… a week or two ago.

Made my own color scheme and I think it helps with sightreading. I use these settings for regular gameplay; the cursor and background and colors schemes and allat.

For the rest of these I decided to alter the skin settings for Entertainment (I dont actually play with them)

Realized that the “alternate replay angle” setting actually gives you freecam about 40 seconds in. Fiddled around with it, but it’s hard to control since I cranked up my mouse sensitivity for this game (1.6k dpi with 0.6 ingame sens, for reference it’s around or more than 3x faster than my roblox sens and when i let my sibling have a crack at this game they showed visible tremors)

Hehe funny custom bg and cursor moment

Still havent figured out why all the clips are in the top left of the recording

This rhythm game has me absolutely joyous and enamoured, its like mania but im not pushing my physical limit so its more casual. Though the song selection is really small because the community is really small and its still mostly anime songs/songs above my skill level/extreme underground music genres

And about mania, i realized i can do 21-22 kps jackhammer maps (around 4.7 star) so thats pretty cool. I will never skip Jack Day again

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