Rinse and repeat (Arcane April, day 11)

Fetch this,
Fetch that.
You’re here,
You’re there.

Kill a wizard,
Maybe a bandit.
Now do it again,
And repeat until defeat

Death strengthens you,
It allows you to prosper.
So how long will it be…
Until you start murdering townsfolk?

They call it immoral,
Yet you know it’s true.
So go to Riverville, you already know what to do,
You just need to rinse and repeat.


Imagine vetex let you level to max on pure fetch quests.

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Accurate representation of what happens to the bored WOM player

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Yeah this is pretty neat.

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This is so true.

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lmfao fr tho

really nice poems!

…I should probably work on my poem series now

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ah yes

the wom life cycle

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It wasn’t boring to me until I started levelling my second file