Riothamus Conivus Nerva | Battle Against God | Part 5 |

“That’s, that’s the same aura Dionysus had! How the hell did he find Riothamus? Why did he go for Riothamus!?” Cursebeard whispers. “I do not know, but we have to lay low, if he sees you and me together we are both dead.” Achilles replies.

“Come in boy’s, I have been waiting for you. It’s rude to arrive at the party late, you know.” Dionysus shouts from inside Riothamuses home. A grapevine starts to move and opens the door, and inside, is Riothamus tied and covered in grapevines to a leather chair, and Dionysus sitting on the floor, near a lit fire. “Cozy house is it not? Well, it won’t matter what you think. You’re going to die anyway. And you’re still injured, that just makes things easier for me doesn’t it, right Riothamus?”

Riothamus, whose mouth is covered, tries to shout “GET OUT OF HERE NOW!” Both Achilles and Cursebeard are quick to react, as a grapevine emerges through the floorboards and strikes the two of them almost hitting their heads. “This is not good! Cursebeard, can you fight?” Achilles shouts. “Yes I can, but if I get pierced again then it’s over!” Cursebeard replies. Achilles looks over at Riothamus, he sees he is not injured, and chucks his spear into the house at Riothamus, cutting the grapevines just enough for him to break free. Riothamus, being revealed, is a tall figure with broad shoulders and
long goldilocks. Being quick to react, Riothamus draws the Stygian Sword from his sheath, and inside his head he hears Blood. Being gifted with light, Riothamus infuses his blade with magic, and strikes for the grapevines, sending blinding yellow slashes towards them and cutting them in half, reducing the threat for Achilles and Cursebeard.

Achilles holds out his hand and shouts “Varatha!”, and the spear fly’s back into it. As this happens, Dionysus dashes for the Injured Cursebeard at insane speed, he attempts to decapitate him with a single blow, but gets hit by Achilles lightning bolt, Dionysus is stunned, taking the opportunity Achilles uttered the words “Thunder Call”’, and with that, Dionysus gets struck by a deafening thunderbolt.

After the fog clears up, we see Dionysus standing on both of his feet, looking barely injured. “Well that was just cute was it not?” Dionysus remarked, as he summoned a cloud of purple fog. “Now I am going to show you what real magic is.” he stated. The purple fog expanded, and covered the area they were fighting in. Cursebeard, Achilles, and Riothamus felt tired, almost drunk. Each one of them cough and coughs until Achilles begins to spit blood. “It’s poison!” Cursebeard announced they had to get out quickly. They all fall to their knees, on the verge of falling asleep, until Cursebeard feels this strong sensation rushing through his body, for a moment, he is able to call upon the magic: Wind. Cursebeard summons a tornado strong enough to spread the poisonous fog away from the trio, and knock back Dionysus a little farther away.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? YOU HAVE SHADOW, HOW CAN YOU USE WIND?” Dionysus screams, as he is surprised by the mortal’s ability to use wind and shadow.
“Only gods or Immortals are able to use more than 1 magic, explain yourself Cursebeard!” Dionysus screams, once again. “I- I uh, I don’t know. I just wanted to live, and I summoned a tornado. I don’t know how.” Cursebeard mutters. Dionysus, originally shocked, comes to his senses. “I don’t know how you pulled that off, but it doesn’t matter. Once you’re dead everything will be back to normal.” Riothamus, being first to recover from the situation, makes a dash to the side. He sets off an explosion behind Dionysus, hoping to make him go backwards just far enough so he can plunge his sword through the gods heart. “Light bomb” Riothamus chanted, and a pillar of light appears behind Dionysus with just enough power to knock him back, but he regains his balance and ducks beneath Riothamus as he lunges for his heart. “Too slow kid.” Dionysus says, as he brings his fist up and punches Riothamus in the gut making him fall to the floor in pain. Achilles and Cursebeard take their chance, and both strike Dionysus. Achilles manages to scrape Dionysus’s leg, but it was a shallow cut, and makes a dash away in fear for his life as grapevines emerge where he just stood. Dionysus grabs Cursebeard’s blade and bends it in half. He then kicks Cursebeard where he had originally pierced him with his grapevines, sending him flying through the wall, and in massive pain as the wound was still brand new.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. I have to say I was originally surprised, you 3 have a lot of synergy together, and a 2nd magic? Brilliant! This has to be one of the most exciting parties I have had in a while. Unfortunately it’s getting late, so let’s get this over with. He summons a gust of wind directed towards Achilles, but he manages to dodge it before he got hit. Than Achilles attempts to throw his spear as he dodges, and manages to only scratch Dionysus.

Riothamus gets up silently, trying to get the advantage against the god. First he leaps around Dionysus, lifts his blade and aims for his arm. Dionysus only just noticing him gets hit and loses only his right hand. “AGHHHHHH, HOW DARE YOU MORTAL!” Dionysus shouts, he summons grapevines and instantly attempts to strangle and pierce Riothamus alive.

But Cursebeard was quick to get on his feet. He runs toward the 2 and sends another tornado, only this time it is much much bigger. It comes hurtling towards him along with 2 beams of shadow, making sure that Riothamus or Achilles are not in the crossfire. As the beams pierce both Dionysus’s lungs he wallows in pain. He then is chained by Achilles using his lightning magic, to then have his left arm cut off by Riothamus. “HOW IS THIS HAPPENING TO BE, I AM AN IMMORTAL, A GOD!” Dionysus screamsz as he begins to cough up his own blood. “YOU THREE ARE ONLY MORTALS, HOW DARE YOU TRY AND KILL ME, I AM DIONYSUS GOD OF-” His screams are cut off by the tornado that Cursebeard sent full of rocks, pebbles, and remnants of Riothamuses hut. Both Achilles and Riothamus run for their lives as Dionysus is hit by rubble non-stop and his body being chipped away, bit by bit.

“Brother, I sense something is wrong with Dionysus. It seems he is in distress. Should I make sure everything is ok?” Poseidon announces to his brother, Zues. “Yes, I feel as if something is wrong too. Go, and make it quick. We have things to discuss with Hades.