Riothamus Conivus Nerva | Lost In The Snow | Part 4 |

Cursebeard begins to breathe heavily. The grapevine from Dionysus pierced right through his waist, he is barely able to stand, let alone keep his eye’s open. The blood from his body dyes the soft bed of snow beneath him red. He attempts to close the wound, but fails, the blood keeps flowing out his body, he is losing consciousness and will die if not treated. “Must… find… Riothamus-” he thinks to himself. Just before he passes out, a stranger with a green cloak, long and blonde silky hair approaches him. The man says nothing, his footsteps are silenced by the strong winds of the mountains, and all he does is watch, watch as Cursebeard loses consciousness. “It’s alright stranger, I’m here for you.” The cloaked man tells him. And Cursebeard falls asleep.

The sound of fire crackling, as Cursebeard wakes up, that is all he can hear. He opens his eyes to an ember falling on his face. He winces in pain as he remembers what just happened. Immediately, he jumps up and draws his blade.

“Where am I!” Cursebeard shouts, and nobody responds. He takes a second to look around, and realizes that he was brought here. Surrounded by a lush green forest with birds chirping and flies all around him. It seems he is far away from where he was fighting with Dionysus, although it was not much of a fight. Cursebeard has severely underestimated the power of a god, a mistake he will not make again. He tries to stand up, but feels a sharp pain in his chest, it seems like his wound has been closed, and somewhat healed. As he is about to leave, footsteps come out of the forests, Cursebeard senses his powerful magic aura, weaker than his, but he can’t win in a fight, not like this. He attempts to hide his wound, before shouting

“Who are you? Show yourself!” There is no response. The footsteps get louder, and to his right, the cloaked man with blonde and long silky hair approaches Cursebeard. “Ah, you’re awake. I’m glad. I thought you had died while I was carrying you over here. Take a seat, that wound is lethal.” The cloaked man says.

Cursebeard on high alert, does not even bother listening. He fires a Shadow beam directly at the cloaked man, but he dodges with ease.

“You’re not in the state to fight right now young man, although at full strength I am confident I will lose. But fear not, I am not a foe. You were just fighting Dionysus were you not? I heard the tremors coming from your battle, and a man walking away from where I found you, smelling terribly of alcohol. You’re lucky you were able to run, he would have split you in half!”

“What’s your name! I will not tolerate being toyed with, I have a friend to meet.” Cursebeard responds to the cloaked man.

“A friend hmm? Am I not your friend? I did just save your life after all.” The cloaked man says back.

Cursebeard examines the man he is talking to, and in an instant, notices his spear. “Wait, that can’t be right!” He says out loud. “Oh I see, you have taken interest in my spear. No wonder, it is one of a kind after all. And to answer your question from before, my name is Achilles. Im
surprised you know who I am, it’s nice to see a fan, and this spear here is Varatha, But I’m sure you know that already.” Achilles says. Cursebeard is still on guard, but realizes he is not a threat, and sits back down. “Why did you save me, it was foolish of me to attempt fighting a god, I deserved to die.” Cursebeard says. “I saved you because I need you, plus Riothamus would not be happy to hear his brother is dead now, would he? “ Achilles responds. “You know Riothamus!? Where is he? Tell me now!” Cursebeard asked, for once in his life, he sounded happy to hear his brother’s name.

“I’m afraid I don’t know your brother, not personally at least, and I definitely don’t know where he is. That’s why I need you. I need you to help me find your brother, I feel as if things have changed. Prometheus is growing too strong, the humans are sacrificing too much aurem, especially you.” Achilles replied.

“Prometheus? What do you mean? Everything is fine between the gods, as far as I know of.” Cursebeard commented. As he finishes the sentence, he has a flashback to 30 years ago, when younger Riothamus came to him, and told him about his father.

“Yes, you are right, everything is fine between the gods. But I doubt that Prometheus won’t do anything and just keep getting stronger. It’s either he dies or the other gods die. I fear in the next century it will not be the same as today. It is why I am also hunting gods, they need to be rid of, otherwise everything we know will be gone.” Achilles replied, once again.

Cursebeard laughs at what Achilles said, but keeps it in mind. He had noticed a lack of activity between the gods, and the fates have not done anything for a while. “Listen, Achilles. I get that you’re worried, but you’re taking this too seriously lad, I assure you nothing is wrong. And nothing a little bit of magic can’t handle, am I right?” Cursebeard chuckled. “Either way, I know where Riothamus might be, and I am willing to take you to him. I personally want to see him again, it’s been too long. And I feel like I owe you one.” Cursebeard says.

Achilles laughs at the joke, and prepares to head off. “Right then, lead the way injured one.”
As Cursebeard and Achilles walk through the hills and forests, they arrive in a village, in a small field. There is an absence of snow, and the grass is awfully green, but rather beautiful. Strange both Cursebeard and Achilles think. “I wonder why there is no snow here. It’s odd this time of the year” Achilles comments. “Same here, it was not always like this, but things have changed in 30 years haven’t they.” Cursebeard replies. They walk further down the field, and notice a small shack, but in it, they sense the Energy of 2 beings, not 1. As they walk closer, they can immediately tell who it is. One is Riothamus, and reeking of alcohol with grape vines near the entrance of the house, is Dionysus, God of Wine.

I was wanting to get this one out cause I enjoy it the most so far.

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Why kill dionysus. I like him a little bit. Cursebeard’s decision of course.

He ain’t dead what you mean

Also I need a way to practice writing combat, since I have barley done it.

cool. I need to work on combat writing as well.

Also didn’t say dionysus was dead I just predict you’re going to kill him.