Riothamus Conivus Nerva | The Stygian Blade | Part 3 |

Hades begins to look annoyed. “What happened to my mother? You said I have one question, so give me the answer.”

Hades begins to look even more annoyed. “Boy, you must be careful of what you wish for. These are things that-” Hades gets cut off.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO DESMONDA?” Riothamus shouts, his voice filled with rage.

“If you truly must know. then I can not stop you from learning…” Hades says as he sits on the cold snow beneath him. “Your mother, Desmonda… became the Oracle after you had reached the age of 9. All of the gods, including me had made an oath, to never have kin. This is because of fear of being overthrown. They could not risk being killed like their parents, but I ignored them, I had you. And because of that, your mother was punished by Zues as he was filled with rage, he cursed your mother to the Oracle until she has died. I do not regret my decisions, but I wish things had gone differently.” Hades responds with a grim tone to his voice.

Riothamus had never heard his father speak in such a tone, but once again all he can feel is hate towards him. His mother was doomed to eternity as a tool of the gods, just because he was born? Riothamus has never felt angrier than he has at this moment. He grabs his sword and lunges for his father, but Hades dodges the attack. Riothamus swings again and again, insulting his father.

“WHY WHY WHY, WHY DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN, WHY DOES MOTHER HAVE TO BE THE ORACLE, WHY ARE YOU MY FATHER!? Riothamus screams and repeats his attacks and words, but Hades just dodges all of them.

“I cannot blame you for feeling this way, you’re but a child after all.” Hades says, he then proceeds to grab his sons blade and break it in half, then pulls out another blade with a red tint to it, and a sheath, engraved on it are the words “The Stygian Blade” “This is a gift from my brother Poseidon, treat it well, young Riothamus.” Hades throws both the sheath and blade on the ground, and vanishes once again. But all Riothamus can do is scream, scream his lungs out when nobody can hear him.


An unknown hooded figure runs toward a man roaming the mountains, he has a tall 7ft frame, with a long thick beard. He moves far faster than the average human, and his footsteps are muffled by the soft snow. “I finally found you, Dionysus!” The hooded man says.

Dionysus, The God of Wine, has been roaming the mountain ranges around Mount Olympus. He has long tried to distance himself from the pointless fights his cousins have had since Prometheus gifted magic to the humans. Dionysus stops in shock, someone has found him unexpectedly “And to whom do I owe the pleasure?” He shouts.

“I am Arthur, The Cursebeard! I’m here for your head!”

Dionysus, originally on high alert, is now laughing at the name. “Arthur, The Cursebeard? Well that’s a new one! Listen here pal, I’m sure your life is not worth fighting a god, so why don’t you go back to your mama or papa.” Dionysus says assertively.

As he finishes his sentence, Cursebeard leaps into the air, and summons a ball of darkness, as dark as space itself. “ Singularity: Black Hole” Arthur shouts. Dionysus once again is surprised by the man attacking him, he has little time to react before he is hit by the attack. The impact was so powerful, a medium sized earthquake appeared, and over the sound of the ground shaking, a 40x40 crater is left where the god once stood. Arthur jumps down, it is much deeper than he expected. He looks around for the god’s dead body, but it is nowhere to be found.

“Well then! That was much easier than expected, maybe I will be after Hermes next?” The ground starts to shake, with Dionysus appearing behind Cursebeard. “I must say, I am a bit surprised. The moment I heard your name, I just thought of good old Zues’s beard! It’s an inside joke, we say it’s cursed but it’s a long story. Anyways, what was that? I have not seen a wizard pull off such a strong move with little to no effort. You must be quite strong then, am I right?” Dionysus says, as he plunges a grapevine through Cursebeards waist in an instant. “I wish I could get to see your full strength, but I’m in a bit of a hurry, ciao!” Dionysus releases the grapevine and turns around, then suddenly he could no longer sense his energy. Dionysus turns back around to find that Cursebeard has vanished.

“That’s not good… No, that’s not good at all. Old man Prometheus might need to hear about this.”

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Dionysus nearly got disintegrated. Now prometheus has a threat coming.