Riothamus Conivus Nerva | Victory Through Discipline | Part 2 |

"Wha- wait! Father, what do you mean!? How do you know all this? Your brother Zues, killed? Prometheus, killed? You have to tell me mor-” Riothamus gets cut off, as hades puts on his helmet, and vanishes. Hades has left, and Riothamus realizes there is nothing he can do until tomorrow, so he makes use of his time, and visits his brother in arms, Cursebeard.

“Ahh, welcome brother! Nice to see you again! How goes it with your father? Same old I presume?” Cursebeard pleasantly says.

“Yes, Arthur. The beatings were vicious as always. But catching up is not what I am here for today.” Riothamus responds, with a serious look on his face.

Arthur senses Riothamuses mood, he feels uneasy. “Alright, drinks aside, what have you got for me lad?”

“I asked my father why I was training, and what my purpose was. And what he said was unexpected. He told me the reason I was training to kill Prometheus was because of magic.”

Riothamus pauses. “He said that-”

Arthur cuts Riothamus off. “Listen here lad, I’m not big on trying to figure out what things mean, so before you’re going to finish saying anything, I recommend in the future, you confront the Oracle. That’s likely what your old man got his stuff from.” Arthur says, with a look of seriousness on his face. There is a long pause between the two, until Riothamus speaks up.

“Then before I go, If my father did confront the Oracle, I must tell you two more things, Zeus gets overthrown, and Prometheus is killed by a mortal.” Riothamus then walks off, leaving before Cursebeard could get a word in.

Riothamus, back in the same field as before, patiently waits for his father to return. And once again from thin air, he appears before his son. “Boy, today will be… different. I have been teaching you what I know since you were born, if you complete this task, no longer shall you be taught under me.” Hades says, calmly.

“What? I was not expecting this, what is going on father?” Riothamus responds.

“I want you to remember one thing over all, Victory through discipline. This one rule is absolute, it is what I have gone by all these years teaching you to become me, and more. I have come to realize that gods are weak. And that the only way for immortals to live on, is through their kin. It is why I, over all the gods, have chosen to have a child to surpass me, if you can live through the task ahead. I am the God Of The Underworld, not by choice, but through necessity, this title is what shaped me to become who i am today, and it will shape you. I will answer one final question before I go. And as for your task, that is up to the fates to decide, not me.” Hades says, with an unsettling tone.

Riothamus, originally in a fighting stance, takes a moment and sits down. His brain is in total confusion. All his life, he has been taught one thing, and that is to kill. His body was destroyed countless times to only grow stronger. He had hated his father all his life, and yet he somehow hates him more…

“You- you what!? You’re telling me, the only reason I went through hell and back was to take your mantle as the God Of The Underworld? To live the same pathetic life YOU LIVE? You must be crazy! Do you think I wanted any of this? Do you think mother wanted any of this!?” Riothamus responds, with nothing but rage.

Hades sighs “I assumed you would say something like that, unfortunately, I did not want a disappointment like you to take my mantle either, but I can’t decide what happens, neither me or any of the gods can. You may ask your question, anything you want, And I will answer with what I can.”

Riothamus takes another moment to process everything. “One question, huh… Then I will finally ask what you have been keeping from me all these years… What happened to mother?"

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