RKing does not equal toxic

I feel like people mix these words together way too often, people need to understand that the system supports getting kills to gain infamy and people will kill to get infamy, it doesn’t make them a bad person and someone being “toxic” for RKing can be misrepresented as them being a genuinely not nice person when they are just trying to provide infamy to upgrade their guild.


Rk’ing isn’t toxic (for me) unless after you kill someone you say “haha trash EZ lol”

and using the Hi tactic which has made everyone being paranoid


well yes, but also no.

sure, you’re a nice guy or whatever, but you also just run in and stabbed that level 50 who’s trying to fight a bandit camp.

While that’s not “toxic” in the conventional sense, that’s still “toxic” in the way that it’s definitely unhealthy for the game. The guild update is going to, if it hasn’t already, steer away a LOT of new players and even a couple old ones.


The guy above me has a very solid point


Player’s after getting Hi’ed
Walter white



Imagine dying of shock to words, couldn’t be me :frhigh:

Its toxic to the game.
Drives away new players and has no actual benefit.

Give me one good reason RKing and low level farming should be encouraged, I dare you.

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Doesn’t mean I still don’t like it or people who do it. They may not be bad people to you but they’re not so good in my book. I hate the act, even if I’m not the one being targeted. I’ve never liked it. It’s like people cannot act civil, can’t show some respect, courtesy, or restraint. If someone cannot let a level 60 walk past them without gutting them like a fish then I cannot imagine them doing anything but kill players.

First impressions matter. :man_shrugging:

Yeah I’ve walked up to ppl and help them kill bandits to just gain their trust and then stab them in the back and smoke them out with ash magic. I’m not proud of it.

I usually ask the lower levels for their soul

Goes something like:

“Will you gimme ur soul? :>”

Maid outfit is surprisingly useful for this lol

That is not ok.
100% not the reputation I’d want to build with anybody, being labeled as a ‘backstabber’ is just bad.
It only gets worse when its true.

I agree with that. I think that infamy should be limited to people who are actually close to your level that won’t get melted by you if they just got high enough level to even be attacked or you could make it so that only people who are in guilds actually give you infamy when killed.

that’s scummy and can lead to your guild/name having a bad reputation

Then why was you doing it if you dislike it so much?

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Desperation for infamy

Vetex confirmed changes for infamy in the halloween update, no need to get desperate, just be patient.
Chances are that it will actually make things better because he decided to change it after the billion and a half posts about how everybody hates it.

Well idk

Patience isn’t in some people’s dictionaries, it’s like a foreign concept. Like a fish trying to understand how to walk.