Roblox game combat complexity

What roblox game has the most complex combat in your opinion?

off the top of my head bm2 maybe

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Skyrift has alot of reading before you have any idea what is going on.
Early on fights can be downright incomprehensible.

Though I will admit that it loses all of its complexity and fun when the game devolves to infinite parry trading and having your main damage source be posture breaking (“high tier” players)

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from what i’ve played, allusions.
each weapon isn’t extremely complex, but when you consider that to play optimally you have to learn Every weapon’s gimmicks and combos, I’d say that’s decently complex.

damn yamato combos

For a true fighting game, Black Magic 2, undeniably.

For something a little more in the Rogue Lineage trend, Skyrift.

And on the lower end, but on higher complexity than most other games, Head Hunter. I mentioned it since, while it pisses me off to no end, it’s actually pretty well-made.


if sports counts as combat then the most complex system i’ve played is probably blue locked league, there’s a lot of buttons in it

me when i get 30 kills in a game by spamming m1, e, and r


every class has an m1 combo, one E move, and 4 skills mapped to z,x,c, and v. Some classes are simple with each button doing something different but some classes have buttons that tie directly into each other or rely on the usage of one move first. One class called Nether has an E move that changes its entire skillset giving it access to 7 different moves (3 on base, 3 on sonic stance, the 4th one is always the same)

goddamn i fuckin forgot about strife
strife was cool i just never was good at it
wouldn’t say it was too complex though

maingame isn’t the most complex
if you decide to get into doing vip server only combos (ie: multiple primary weapons), THAT is when stuff gets wild.

the controls themselves arent complex but the fighting itself definitely is lol.

I played strife and often times there was nothing you could do if you were some ranged class that spawned next to a melee class and get m1’ed to death before your abilities could recharge, and the green turtle shield class (i forgot their name) is unstoppable if someone was good at it

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definitely bm2

although one honourable mention i’ll give is defend the statue, it’s a pve game and it takes like 15 minutes to learn the controls of the superweapons but sustaining a combo and mastering them (except for bb and maybe di) takes effort (you can see all of them in action here)

Loomian legacy.

“how much damage will my stage 2 ranged attack charonyx with STAB nova blast giving a 90 BP move an extra 22.5 points of power to it (thus resulting in a 112.5 BP move) be able to inflict against my opponents far enchantment 200 TP ranged defense invested clionae with a natural resistance to light type moves due to their secondary mind typing?”

(that’s a pretty bad matchup for charonyx ngl I’d just swap out of that)

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I love lore game

I love a complex and completely balanced m1 combat system with no major discernable flaws or metas whatsoever

I love bilhook m1 m1 push m2 infinite combo

I love mace counter into shield throw giving me nearly 10 seconds of free reign over my opponent’s soft flesh and limp body

I love overloading the already burnt out sole developer with nonsensical and inconsequential balance changes (0.005 seconds of less endlag between the zweihander m2 hits only in servers populated by exactly two people named Jambudweepa)

I love having yearly updates

I love microplastics

I love 5G

I love corn syrup

(I love lore game induced brainrot)

black magic 2 is just keyboard memorization simulator ngl lol