Roblox game combat complexity

yeah so to get good ivs you need to use the game’s version of breeding, called rallying (no eggs involved thankfully), along with needing to level up your trainer mastery to get the needed toys to make actually good loomians

ah i see
well good to know
last I recall I put 2 Varis (opposite genders) into the rally system and I just haven’t touched it since

loomian legacy

its not much of a grind its more of waiting simulator because you just sit there waiting for it to rally and hope it actually gives you what you want

game’s story is a little funny because the highly trained fully grown polut guards after losing a battle with their magic animals decide to just let this unarmed child go into a highly classified company headquarters instead of just picking them up and throwing them out (because they are grown ass men and have vastly superior strength to a 10 year old child)

Skyrift does it fairly well until you get matched up with super experienced players that know every single attack in the game and their exact parry timings who use posture breaking as their main damage output.
Then its a slog, but before that its great.

Its odd how I can both see how people absolutely love the game’s combat, but I also understand why the game is usually below 50 players lol.