Roblox. w h a t

seriously, just.
w h a t .


What in the goddamn…?

I woke up with a massive headache this morning, and now its gotten worse.

Roblox malding hard over 1/150,000,000

I’m midway through the video but don’t see anything wrong with it yet, where does it go bad?

Roblox really suing Ruben Sim for 1.65 million dollars.

Edit: And the fuck, how would Ruben Sim even get the chance to pay that much to Roblox? Like Seriously, 1.65 Million? Over some lego game that Roblox made and Roblox just makes moderation worse? :skull:

Ya, what’s wrong with it? He’s guilty of all charges based on the evidence provided

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He farms views from children with a net worth of over 75 million, this is nothing to him.

I don’t really know why people are defending him when he’s guilty

Nor is money even the main goal of the lawsuit

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What is this beyond cursed timeline…

There’s stuff valid here, but the terrorist threat part I have no damn idea what that’s about nor where it’s from, so idk what Level’s on with everything being valid.

I have been updated on this for a few hours now. Here is what it is.

This guy got banned from roblox for harassing and manty other things, he avoided bans by what I think was hacking. He got banned, and was angry enough to make fake terrorist threats to many people. Roblox is suing him.

For more, go here: roblox is SUING A YOUTUBER - YouTube

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what evidence
like i get bad vibes from that guy and i want him off roblox but the things theyre accusing him of are completely false from what i can tell. like the terrorism threat thing flat out did not happen

how is ruben bad vibes
i dont think he has done much wrong.
he literally successfully cancelled mister obvious for being a pedophile.
he also called out a roblox head mod for following an nsfw furry account on twitter.

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i do not like him. like on a personal level when you meet a person and you dont like them. like that

Page 5 and 6

Dude have you even read the lawsuit

Or do you just trust everyone on YouTube to be good people

the good things he did are irrelevant. if you stop someone from breaking a law then break one yourself ur still gonna be punished for it

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wait crap you’re right

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he gives off darklorddurza vibes (albeit less open about it)

He called out a roblox mod… for something they didn’t do in roblox how does this have anything to do with the conversation?