Rowboat best boat

In AA my personal boat was a rowboat as it was the only boat that could turn in tight corners, reverse and had bursts of speed. I was beaten up by anyone with a cannon, an eyeball and a pirate-based clan.

I need to reduce the colours on blue hair boy.


i forgot to draw the paddle
ignore that plis thank you

nice art

rowboat supremacy

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Can’t wait to do the same in AO

Man doesn’t need a paddle, already mastered the rowboat.

Rowboat mains are 100% gonna become like that one mosquito who just wouldn’t get hit.
Then Arcanium Light Ram, they are gonna become a motorboat at that point.

Yes, I will become what I just insulted.

I thought i was the only person that didint buy a ship in Arcane adventures and stuck with the rowboat :joy:
Im defiantly gonna get a ship in AO though theres so much customization options.
Oh and awesome art!

Step 1. Get rowboat
Step 2. Obtain arcanium ram
Step 3. Max out every possible speed stat
Step 4. Obtain Shatter magic
Step 5. Delete every boat that opposes you

i think rowboats can’t even get rams

They can if you try hard enough

We will have to become the ram


No, no, bro, the true supremacy is the “Magic Bridge Supremacy”