[RP][CLOSED][DEAD] Empty Invitation


    While [your character] was adventuring in various places inside Magius, you were approached by a bounty hunter/a dark wizard you didn’t recognize. The person then looked at [your character] for a while as if they’re trying to recognize someone.

    “Are you [your character’s name]?” asked the person. As your character replied and admitted that was you, you received a letter from them.

    The letter consists of your character’s appearance notes, your location prior to receiving the letter, your name, and a request to defeat a certain wizard called “Aster Lamina”.

    For the request; the wizard is stated to have fair skin, along with white hair and a white hoodie. Their eye color and the pants’ color are stated to be the same level of black. A rough sketch of Aster Lamina is included too, he’s depicted as an innocent-looking person with the look of someone who doesn’t look like a person who would commit crimes.

    The second part of the letter, it mentions the reward for defeating Aster. You will be awarded 250 crowns and a wish granted. Although you’ll have to visit the Ancient Colosseum, located around Castlian Shore after defeating the wizard.

    Lastly, the letter simply writes down the exact location of Aster Lamina. It’s located at the Abandoned Arena in The East Penisula.

    After you’ve read the letter, the person who just gave you the letter disappeared. Whether you’re wanting the profit, wondering about some suspicious details, or simply curious about the case. You decided to check out the Abandoned Arena.

    Upon arriving at the arena, you noticed other people’s characters gathering around here too. But one thing that caught everyone’s attention is…

    A heavily injured body lying down in the middle of the arena. Is it one of the Aster Lamina’s victims? Is it simply a dead body? Or is it Aster Lamina himself?

Character Sheet:

Appearance Description:
Background Story:

Reason to follow the letter: (Can be wanting the money, suspicious of letter, dared to check the place out, etc.)
Reputation: (Good rep / Bad rep is enough)

Starting Date: 18 July 3:00 PM (GMT+7) / 18 July 4:00 AM (EST)

Notes: Since this is basically a test roleplay, submit your character sheet for roleplay in the replies. And after the RP has started, you can reply in this post. As for the roleplaying format, you can use any as long as the character dialogues/actions are clear. Lastly, have fun!


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Name: Arden Stone

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Culture: Castilian

Magic: Wind

Appearance Description: A man with fair skin and messy white-ish gray hair tied into a ponytail, standing at 172 cm or 5"7, he wears a gray canvas hat and gray scarf, gray jacket, and a pair of hunting boots, carrying 2 daggers on his waist. He is always seen wearing a tired smile and having relaxed, extremely narrow eyes, looking as if he would fall asleep at any moment.

Personality: Kindhearted, although can be unfriendly to people he dislikes, logical but not emotionless and indifferent. His morality is selfish and prevents crimes however he wants. He considers murder to be a necessary evil against criminals, and will feel remorse in killing those who he thinks are too far gone for rehabilitation, unless they are deemed to be genuinely evil and deserves death by him.

Background Story: He was born from a normal family, ever since he was a child, he’s enjoyed stealing from others, yet he always gives the things he stole back without being noticed, as he only does it for fun. As he grows up, he becomes a mercenary who specializes in stealing things back from bandits and dark wizards alike and returning them to their rightful owners. After he discovering his potential in magic, he uses it to aid him in his work.

Reason to follow the letter: Curiosity.

Reputation: Good rep, but has done questionable things.


Name: Altea Clay
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Culture: Vistarian
Magic: Fire, Glass

Appearance: A lean body framed with next-to-unnoticeable muscles underneath a dark red merchant’s coat, his skin the natural colour of sienna. A sabre and its scabbard sit by his side, clipped to a belt at his waist. Deep maroon eyes fall over a bored face that view everything with a casual, earnest indifference.

Personality: Nonchalant, casual, and annoyingly smug to people who know him well, he views everything without any particular enthusiasm or interest. Quick on his feet as well as his words, Altea’s work as an assassin left him with too much knowledge about swordplay to know what to do with. The first thing he ever notices when meeting a person are the first five ways he could kill them. He finds it easy to get people to want to hit him, whether it be a carefully worded insult or a feint during a fight. Widely regarded as one of the few genuinely decent chefs in Magius, Altea’s only priority is acquiring enough ingredients to supply his smaller than expected restaurant.

Backstory: Altea began working as a chef with his family at nine years old, and he proved so unusually adept at it that their restaurant soon gathered popularity over the next six somewhat uneventful years of his life. Until he came across an incident where someone he knew had their life threatened, he unlocked both his first mind and his second mind at the same time, putting enormous strain both mental and physical on his body, and causing him to lose his sense of pain. It was around this time that he began his career as a contracted killer, an assassin. He continued this until he realised that he was losing his interest in killing, and fell back on his cooking to start his own restaurant at seventeen years old.

Reason: Nothing’s been happening so he’s bored as shit :pensive:
Reputation: Good rep, but he doesn’t view himself as one


(I’ll just post my character’s one too bc why not)

Name: Aster Lamina

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Culture: Vistarian

Magic: Snow Magic

Appearance Notes: A fair-skinned person with white hair, white hoodie, but with black eyes and pants. Overall, he looks younger than average 24-year-old due to his short height and occasionally ‘innocent/dumb’ expression on his face.

Personality: A stubborn guy who wishes to stand out with the other apprentice wizards, even though he’s still inexperienced in this as he gets beaten by the other wizards or criminals. His friendliness is quite questionable as he barely gets along with anyone due to his antisocial nature.

Background Story: Nothing much to say here, other than he’s been living alone in Riverville for years now. If you ask him about his story before living alone, he simply replies with ‘my story is just like your average childhood’.

A few months ago, he realized that he’s able to use snow magic. But since he basically has no one around to help him with the training, he’s been watching other people doing their jobs as adventuring wizards and tried to master his magic spells. As for now, he’s only recognized as an apprentice wizard who often takes the job to defeat criminals.

Reason to follow the letter: He’s the target of this roleplay’s quest. His story before ending up in this situation will be revealed later.

Reputation: Somewhere between neutral and good rep.


Name: Xander Calding

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Culture: Vistarian

Magic: Lightning (Purple variant)

Appearance Description: Fair skinned with long messy purple hair. His dependency on magic has left his strength negligible. He wears an oversized black wizard’s robe and accompanying boots.

Personality: Optimistic and curious. Can be geeky about magic at times and is missing a bit of social experience.

Background Story: Grew up in Ironport, and developed lightning magic at the age of 6. Despite being part of house Calding, he never had any desire to explore the seas, and he was more interested in honing his magic skills due to his parents being retired mages. Throughout his childhood, he was surrounded by the legends of the lost magics from many lifetimes ago, and spent long hours in the family library reading about magic.

Reason to follow the letter: The money promised is part of his desire to go to the Ancient Colosseum, despite the distance he would have to travel to get there. However the wish would be a lot more important to him, as it could help him learn more about the lost magics.

Reputation: Good rep


(I can’t believe a RP actually was made I am so happy in tears)

Name: Fae Water
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Culture: Vistarian
Magic: Ash Magic

Appearance: Standing at just shy of 5’8", Fae is a fit individual of light complexion. Her raven black hair fall just above her shoulders, while her bangs cover the markings she suffered from a scuffle. Fae’s attire consists of simple grey trousers tucked into a pair of black boots and a t-shirt that loosely clings to her torso.

Personality: The first word that would come to one’s mind when first meeting Fae is “collected”. She radiates an air of poise and grace, from the way she carries her weight to the minute actions that one would pick up on were they observing her. Once a person gets to know her, they discover that she is strongly emphatic, emotional connections being one of the higher priorities on her list. Fae is a loyal compatriot to be around with, and those who have encountered her have always been invited to sit about and exchange pleasantries. This is to say, she is not a person that will just let anyone push her around. Headstrong and tomboy-ish to an extent, she is not afraid to get down and dirty were you to instigate or annoy her.

Background Story: Fae was the late bloomer of her household, being the fifth and youngest child to her late mother. Growing up in the outskirts of Ironport designed her to be quick on her feet and have a knack for survival. At the age of sixteen was when she became the first of her family to awaken the dormant ability to cast magic, opening up the world to her. She packed her bags to set off and find a tutor to study under, which she eventually did after a chance encounter with a wizard in the Whispering Woods. After five years, she emerged a proficient user of Ash Magic, and has been using her abilities as a paid bodyguard or a travelling companion for over a year now.

Reason to follow the letter: While taking a break from her usual job searching, the letter and the reward of 250 crowns was a nice tidy sum that she couldn’t resist.

Reputation: Good.


Name: Hailey Barion

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Culture: Vistarian

Magic: Magma Magic

Appearance Description: White skinned with red stylish hair. She is athletic, due to her strict training. She wears a red wizard’s robes and pants, and wears a matching hat.

Personality: Chill and curious. Can get serious when something is out of hand. She mostly stays quiet at some times because of her clumsiness and her slurred speech. Other than that, she is blissful when played by other good people.

Background Story: She awakened her first mind, her Magma Magic, at an impressive 5 years old, because she wanted to become an honourable wizard when she grow up. When she was 17 years old, she was friended by other three Vistarian wizards, most notably Yurima Barion, while strictly training to be good wizards in Ironport. She was the youngest of all the team, and was keeping up with their daily routines, until one day, her home was endlessly raided by wrath and dishonesty by some lesser wizards, and she and the three were on the run. Exactly three days later, she was gone missing from the tedious escape, and her friends were worried that she might lose her life. When she turned 19, her relationship with her three friends broke up, as she decided to separate ways. Confused on what was going on over the region, she wandered around the secluded areas, looking for suspicious activities.

Reason to follow the letter: She has a suspicion on the letter, so she investigates what is going on.

Reputation: Good reputation, although she does not consider herself as a true hero yet.


Name: Airi Banks

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Culture: Vistarian

Magic: Shadow Magic

Appearance Description: Airi is a large woman. Not in weight, but in stature. She is muscular and bulky, often towering over others. Her skin is dark, paired with near-black hair that is typically in a half up half down style. She wears a decorated cloak with various belts, satchels and hooks, along with long knee-high boots.

Personality: Calm and collected, she takes things at her own pace while remaining stern and unyielding. Often times she is perceived as rude or stoic for her lack of visible emotional investment in small talk, but this simply isn’t the case, as she is a fairly awkward individual who simply doesn’t know how to comfortably speak with others on the fly.
Ignoring this, she is tactical and strategic, and she will prioritize herself and her health if it comes down to the wire.

Background Story: Airi was born to a family or merchants in Ironport , and while she dreamed of adventure they only wished for her to take the family business once she came of age. Unfortunately, at 14 she had found her magic, and after a fight the relationship between her parents and herself crumbled to the point that she left for good. She was naive, and after a few years of struggling between the unrealistic dreams she had and the reality of her situation she settled for a more idyllic approach where she would travel the world, helping those with their woes.

Reason to follow the letter: Airi is a wanderer, taking opportunity as it passes her by. The later was no different than any other request she receives.

Reputation: good rep


Name: Jerome Salore
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Culture: Vistarian
Magic: Ash
Appearance Description: Short, messy dark red hair, with a black canvas cap and a grey bandana as accessories. Red merchant’s coat, and black pants with black shoes as clothes. Fair skinned, dark brown eyes. A slimmer, leaner build. Jerome stands at a pretty average height, around 5’9. Dual vistarian daggers at his hip

Personality: Jerome isn’t what one would call an agreeable person. He’s rather curt with his words, and is capable of saying some pretty harsh things. He prefers to keep quiet, only really speaking when necessary. This might seem like he’s edgy but I swear he’s not. There’s no deep dark reason as to why; he’s just more introverted. Despite this personality, he isn’t a horrible person. He’s actually quite a good one, in fact. Once you get past the mean, tough part, he’s more of just a quiet person. Despite what he displays, he enjoys helping people and keeping peace. Partially just because it keeps everything quiet for himself, but peace is something he strives for as well. Jerome is also a little bit impulsive, more ready to listen to a gut feeling than to others around him.

Background Story: Raised as a Salore in Ironport, Jerome never had the hardest life. He was wealthy, and had discovered his magic at a young age like the average child. He isn’t some special person born into being a hero or on a quest from revenge. He’s just a normal mage, getting stronger by the day. His parents were, like many Salores, merchants that made good money from selling items. Jerome’s parents wanted him to follow in this business, but he simply didn’t want to. It was just… boring. Jerome was all for peace and quiet, but waking up to purely sell stuff when you had magic at your fingertips was stupid to him. So, around 17, Jerome went out to use his magic for good. It started out slow but, at this point, he’s a decently strong wizard, and has gained the Apprentice rank.

Reason to follow the letter: The letter seemed to him like a request for a job, which he was more than happy to complete. Defeating someone for 250 crowns and an extra wish? That’s a great deal.

Reputation: Good rep
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Name: Stein Banks
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Culture: Vistarian
Magic: Lightning

Appearance Discussion: Stein Banks is a slim man dressed in a neat brown suit and black pants. His eyes are black and his brown hair is messy. Stein is never seen without a small smile. He also has an Old Sword that he carries for self-defense.

Personality: Stein Banks is a honest, polite and well-mannered person who enjoys cooking, storytelling, eating food and reading. Stein is also ridiculed by other rich folk for his love of travelling and adventure. He is also slightly arrogant and cocky.

Background Story: Stein Banks was a Vistarian male who grew up in Ironport. His family were bankers who were rich enough to send him to a decent school. They wanted Stein to follow the family trade. However, Stein Banks did not want to become a banker, instead he wanted to go on an adventure across Magius. After he finished his schooling, he awakened his Lightning Magic. Stein finally went on an adventure, much to his parents’ disappointment. During his adventure, he would find treasure and increase his magical power. After a year, Stein would finally come back to Ironport, becoming a smith and part-time cook.

Reason to follow the letter: He blindly accepted as he was drunk.

Reputation: Good Reputation.


( ok guess I’ll start a rp here B) )

In the middle of the abandoned arena, lies a heavily injured body. Most of the injuries are from several blunt attacks and various aftereffects from at least 3 different magic attacks; such as burnt scars, charred skin, scorched scars, etc. The body is currently seen lying down on the floor with face-side down.

As for the body’s appearance, some remains of the worn white hoodie survived the burning and scorching. Even though most of the hair is covered with ash, ice, or ink, some clean white hairpieces are still there. But lastly, the body doesn’t seem to be moving, but he’s not dead. Just heavily injured and knocked out.

What will you do with the body or the situation next?


“That’s not good.” Arden said “We should get him some medical help first.”

“Is anyone here an ice, snow, or at the very least a water wizard?”

“The most I can do is cauterise open wounds,” Altea raised up an arm unconsciously, “but I’m not seeing much of those.”

“Yeah, he just looks like he’s pummeled in some backstreet real badly looking past those magic wounds. How about you? Can you help with the burns?” Arden says, waving at the other stranger.

Hailey seems confused at all the other people around her.

Why does this body look so suspicious? Oh, he’s just hurt. Somebody, get the medics here!”

Hailey then stays quiet afterwards.

(Wait wait,sorry for barging in but is it possible for me to still get into this roleplay with a character? Since well,I got my roleplayer role a bit late. If I can’t be allowed by this time then that’s fine as well.)

Stein would be confused. He is currently unaware of the dead body in the middle.
“Other people? The guy who delivered the letter didn’t say anything about that.”

(aight I’ll allow that for you since we’re at the beginning of the rp lol)