Safe Mode?!

I kind of thought of this maybe being added. What do you think of a PVE mode for the game for pussies like me that don’t like getting hunted down by players.

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This is like the nth time this has got suggested :frcryin:

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He burned himself saying that. That’s a new one

jeez another pvp toggle esque suggestion

not gonna happen bro

Not sure how you’d imagine that to work, especially when the game allows you to plunder other players and take their loot, you gotta lose to learn how to win next time

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no : ) (this is a sentence)

yeah no offense, but theres more of a chance of vetex burning his house down than adding this.

New drinking game: Take a shot every time someone suggests a pvp toggle/pvp free mode of AO

i just need a way to cap my reputation at neutral so i don’t have to go to a goddamn npc every 2 seconds

Dead by alcohol poisoning before nimbus

This is a good idea, it reduces pvp instead of destroying it


nothing wrong with the idea of a toggle inherently, and I may want it so you don’t have incidents of 125s going for level 70-80s. I just think that functionally? It’s a bit annoying. PVP isn’t the worst, but the campers are. But people are kind enough to help, usually.



NOT gonna happen pal… :angry:

Just play at 0 rep

Wouldn’t mind a non-PVP mode. Just understand you’re going to suffer hellfire here in the forums for suggesting it.

I only want a PVP mode because I have nerve damage in my hands and I can at least predict how the AI moves :sob:

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Well that’s too bad, because gankers wanna gank.

Honestly this is an unironcally good argument against forced PVP. Like, while most players don’t have physical disabilities, plenty may have bad internet, which would make it nigh-impossible to win fights. We really should be accounting for the players that just can’t get to a level playing field, and not force them to be dominated by every toxic tryhard in existence.


This is true, to be fair. In other games with pvp, generally the toxic people with the most amazing internet ever are paired against people of similar levels, e.g., shooter games or games where pvp is an optional thing you opt into.

In AOs case one day you’ll join a server with level 10s filling the server, and you have a nice time, and the next you’ll join a server with Overseers, Most Wanted players and LB clan players who immediately disintegrate you.

I would agree to some sort of pvp toggle that attempts to remedy this in the case of physical or technological disadvantages that a good proportion of AOs playerbase face. Something like neutral rep immunity (with the caveat of not being allowed in clans or something) or being able to lock your rep at neutral wouldn’t affect the pvp heads very much, and make the game an overall nicer time for disadvantaged players.