Saiju's v1.14.41 Light and Crystal Magic Max Attack Speed Video Thread

It’ll be Public at around 5pm EST, might as well set up a topic in the meantime right?

It’ll be marked as a Solution when the video is public.

See you all till then to see my weird fixations and shenanigans of what i can muster with video editing.


Thank you Tobi for your Magic Circles, Magic Symbols and the wonderful Dark Sea Logo for this thumbnail of mine!

I also didn’t forget them this time Banana, and i’m on the brink of Max Atk Size. Just missing an Archaic Knight Pauldron to enchant w/ Explosive.


So i don’t see why not on doing it too down the line, but i must finish Light Warlock and Conjurer first. It’ll definitely have to be at Munera though in a bird’s eye view somehow. .


yo professional treasure charter here, I got one I can give

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This looks sick

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Oh wow.

U able to get on right now?

I am


is my user. Hopefully this server stays low and not fill up. .

me literally getting murdered as I join:

Oh shoot that’s what the lightning i was hearing was…

But thanks again for the Arc Knight Pauldrons.


This is going to be fun


hes not the min maxxer

hes the MAXXER

You’re going to hit the poor level 2 on dawn with one self explosion

what have I done


You gave a girl the opportunity to not only create Giant Mushroom Clouds, but also now Giant Ash clouds and Light Magic!

That’s what you have done.


Definitely didn't struggle to have the Gif load via Tenor.

Max size explosion is so funny


atk speed? u got my interest



i could give you quite a few tips for thumbnails as this could be way better

I feel so too, but i’ll just keep to my own pace. Normally i just use In-game scenes for thumbnails but wanted to spice things up.

Thanks for offering though.


Magic isn’t the only one getting some spotlight