Savant discussion thread

The savant.

arguably the most strange, versatile, and yet underpowered and somewhat outclassed in terms of gameplay in arcane odyssey.

Even crazier is that technically the savant is the strongest class in the AU lorewise.

What are your opinions on savant? what does the future of this class look like? it has, incredible levels worth of variety. far more than even the diverse warlock due to its access to all 4 stats, though most savants seem to only use 3.

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Savant with fighting styles is really good, as shot is a consistent damage dealer . The weakness of having two / three range options compared to other fighting style classes is covered by the other portions of savant, being weapons and magic.

Sadly my savant has been turned into a berserker with the new update :pensive:

For sure will be one of the most popular builds when nimbus completes imo.

Ability to use all arcanium, fighting styles and vitality build equipment is going to be very powerful regardless of what you plan to do with your build. I expect crazy armor synergies in the future

When second awakening drops ima be real 90% of people are going to play savant for the double imbue.

Its a great class that I can see becoming even more popular soon, shoutout to the savant chads since day 1 that have stuck to it :pray:


Its not that savants are the strongest in the au.
Classes are not a thing in lore, everyone technically is a savant, some just decide to focus on something specific

Savant is going to be the fun build that everyone has a file on. Because you get to try everything.

It definitely has the best second awakening out of the bunch. It probably is that way as to give savants a shot at competing with lost magics, fighting styles, and probably exotic(exotic base not enchanted) weapons. That said I wouldn’t be surprised if lost magics aren’t added until a couple months after second awakening, so there’ll be a brief period where Savants may reign supreme over the war seas.

It really depends on how powerful the higher tier stuff is for the pure and hybrid builds.

Honestly, they hard suck at the moment, but once their able to reach around 150 on weapons magic or fighting, we all gonna be in for a world of hurt.

You can fw mages just fine.

just because something can technically fight a mage doesn’t mean it’s the actual same level as a mage.

this is a matter of skill, not actual viability when looked at from a quantitative perspective.

Sadly, savant really doesn’t look too hot at the moment when compared to other classes, but it’ll probably really pick up the speed once second awakenings drop

What’s actually wrong with mages

Is it the slow magic mages or the fast magic mages in your opinion

depends on their stats tbh

but I always find the faster ones more annoying

with a specific synergy and build, sure
while most savants have versatility, they don’t have the aoe to stand up to most other builds

Im just hyped for whenever the level cap increases so I can see Savant get better and better

Slow ones are easy to deal with because they have hella endlag

both are equally extremely unfun to fight against depending on whether their going extreme speed or extreme size

I find extreme size (in most cases) easier to fight against than extreme speed

I should rename this to mage discussion thread lol

“easy to deal with” have you ever met a 120 power 1500 HP 250~ ATKsize earth mage? It doesn’t matter if you punish their attacks. I once met this earth mage named Enrico1434 who had a 500 BASE DAMAGE UNCHARGED ULTIMATE ART, which covered the entirety of Rubica. I guess I just have to parry block dodge even harder- OOPS, ARMOR PIERCING!!

I’m going insane with this crap, man. I can’t take it anymore.

and these stats are an understatement btw

Well Enrico is actually a good player? Hard to tell bc of his AOE.

But yea that’s also one of the rare cases where extreme size is blantantly better than extreme speed