Scratch is fun (dev log thing)

Been coding some of the school day and for like an hour now :skull: here’s what I got, at least something’s functional.

Working health bar with visuals, see what you think. Give me feedback, also you can snoop around in the code and modify values if u want


A coder that even drew morden art?
Respect :ok_hand:

I’ve done scratch for years, I helped teach a class at one point

I liked it a lot as a kid, imma see what stuff I can make with it now

4D minecraft



  1. Start gaming
    It’s time :sunglasses:




I only did scratch for about a month since it was apart of a class years ago. It was pretty interesting but I ended up not getting into it

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Oof. I got into Scratch in a “Saturday Enrichment” program with coding.

Thanks :flushed::heart:.


Are you gonna be on the next reagangamr video?

Dunno, when’s he recording?

This saturday

Then i’ll probably be there

unless I forgor :skull:


I spent an ungodly amount of time on scratch. This was my main game.

Bruh how :skull::skull::cold_face:

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am i the only person here who has never tried scratch and was forced to go straight to learning python

Ive done scratch.
This is the only game I made.