Screw it. All you magic suggestors post your lost/primordial magic ideas here

Yes. Post whatever magic idea you thought of right here.

ummm no? :b:obux

Useless threads ep. 1. I could simply make it as an ‘‘idea’’ in game discussion (or is it not allowed?)

Glock Magic: Literally summon bullets

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making legitimate suggestions in game discussion is against the rules

sands magic

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conjure magic

magic but mastery magic weapons are the most effective method of using the magic

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Well, it is just ideas. Not explicitly suggesting it hehe, so this is fine.

what no

uh oh



cheese magic please god. i don’t care what it does, i just need it

hack magic
you steal someone’s account and sell it online

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Not all of these ideas are mine:

Quintessence: Very fast, large, and destructive pure-white light. It will be the primordial equivalent of Light and Aether. It will have the lowest damage of any primordial magic and will blind whoever it hits for 1 second. First primordial light magic and I can finally be a fully light wizard.

Frostburn: Fire but cold. Very light blue. Inflicts frostburn DOT status. Frostburn + Any other cold status effect = freeze. First cold lost magic for those frost wizards without options.

Aurora: Multi-colored lights based on Aurora Borealis. Deals below-average damage (for a lost magic), has above-average speed, and above-average size. It has no special status effects. Another cold lost magic for my frost wizard friends.

Blizzard: Basically snow + ice + wind. Can push people away and/or freeze them. Average speed. Above-average damage. Above-average size. Inflicts freezing or frozen depending on damage dealt.

Frost: Pale blue particles that are slightly transparent. Its main ability is freezing all structures it hits, which can cause other people to slip. It also inflicts frostbite, which is a DOT that can freeze the target if they are soaked or freezing. Large size and no destruction.

Magic: You attack using a bunch of promethean symbols. This was already planned in create a magic but it doesn’t exist in AO. It will have average stats for a Primordial magic, but whoever is hit by it will receive a random status effect.

Frost by Danny, Blizzard and Aurora by ansus.

magic idea i thought of

golden fire.

Invisible fire.


Rainbow Fire.

Invisible fire.

Can you put the details in a drop down menu? Your current comment takes up a lot of space.

[details="Dry Ice Mechanics"]

Perc, do your magics have any special mechanics other than being other colors? Also what is invis fire?

Actually yes!

Golden fire when blasted starts off as a tiny fire blast. If it clashes with literally anything… It becomes a giant fire wave destroying everything in it’s path.

Invisible fire is a heavy DoT inducer being able to immediately burn but do no actual base damage. In return. It’s DoT is horrifyingly deadly.

Ichor takes some hp to use. When it does get blasted however it does horrific damage.

Rainbow Fire is basically the ultimate fire.

It carries all known grand fires and merges them into this omnipotent flame that can gg anything still physical.