Screw it, custom magic weapons

Forget custom magics, its custom magic weapons in AA style now. Weapons that can conduct magic, what are your ideas

g u n


Chemical weapons for all gas magics

My idea is an Arcanium Whip that acts like magic katana but a little differently.

The Q move will have you use the whip to summon a saw-like magic shot (think of katana but two sides and spiked) with a somewhat gravity. If the shot hits a wall it explodes. It stays on the ground and if used up in the air it falls back down to the ground

has two modes
bullets: magic bulets at a godly rate but with lower damage
sharks: shotgun shark

For earth something like a hammer or in general a heavy weapon and for ligthing i can imagine a pair of daggers or a katana

so basically
magic flail with a shitload of range and massive sweeping moves

A lightning whip, perhaps “Lash of Lightning.” The most significant aspects of a whip are its flexibility and its signature whipcrack. Significant aspects of lightning are its ribbon-like nature and its signature thundercrack.
Also both electricity and whips are used to torture people

Lightning itself is already like a whip down from the clouds.

The whip would knock people back with powerful bursts of thunder or be able to pull people (including oneself) in with an electrifying grip. One could twirl the whip like a ribbon-dancer twirls a ribbon to generate powerful whirlwinds.
Ideally it could be a mix of a scourge and a classic whip, where rather than a single strand or multiple strands from the handle, there would be branches of lightning emanating off the main branch similar to many lightning bolts. Perhaps the branches could flicker out rather than being out all at once to emphasize both the striking design of a long bolt of electricity while still keeping the tendrilous design.
image + image = image
Also it should be extremely long.


Super Doomspire’s bat but you create a 100 m wide sphere explosion of wind when home running someone
Also you can hit yourself for mobility




Have you ever homeran a homerun reflect before in SDS?
(Homerunning a rocket that got deflected with a homerun)

It basically does what you’ve said here.


Staff of home: a staff which fires a blast of your magic and it homes to the nearest player/npc. q makes a dome shield as long as you magic meter (you place the staff down

me want a megic tessen (Japanese War Fan)


Using that Tessen makes you cool.


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cobalt bomb but magic instead of radiation

A passive conductor would be nice.

A gun that shoots guns that shoot knives.

Magic Scythes, Guns with magic bullet meaning if I wanted I could put a with Explosion in it then switch to a bullet with Ash for Petrify, Magic cards same thing except the magic on them is random when you use it

An arcanium mace would seem cool to me. Hitting relatively hard but being pretty slow.

move ideas


left click

Swings your mace around, along with a heavy slash. Uses up magic energy.

Q - Weapon Cast: (User’s Magic) Spin

The user charges up magic energy in the mace, then starts spinning in a circle, gaining momentum and getting faster until they stop. The user can’t move much while they are spinning.

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