Seasoned Writer Submissions

I’m ecstatic to see so many forumers taking to writing as a creative medium and, myself included, it seems many are/were unknowledgeable on the process of becoming a Seasoned Writer. To clear the air, to become Seasoned Writer one must make a submission piece relating to WoM or any other Vetex game (such as Adventure Story, Arcane Adventures, Online Fighting, and Arcane Odyssey), along with having a prior history of writing within the category. As a new owner of the group, I’ve asked Xael of the criteria that one’s submission must meet (along with prerequisites), so here they are!

I myself am a huge stickler for writing flow, punctuation, and grammar but I won’t be holding that against you in any way. My basic rule and bottom line is coherence in that regard.

So here’s the criteria for becoming a Seasoned Writer! I hope to see more activity and growth of the group soon and that this was helpful to all you aspiring authors!

do not send to me your entry into a new series when you have posted very little within the category. rather, you should begin and develop the series and select a specific chapter (preferably of narrative importance) to be your submission while the rest of the series serves as your portfolio to mark commitment, growth, and relevance as a writer of the forum.



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NANI, so you’ve pretty much stolen the throne of xael and became the god of the writing category now?!?! (ↀДↀ)

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regarding this, if you’d like an editor i’m down!

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