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I haven’t checked forums in ages sorry send me a link to your story and a summary!


Academy for the Mages]
SYCRONIA Chapter 2 Liberation Signs

uh can I have a summary of the series tho

sterotypical rebellion story

Their is two prologues and information topics I cant give you the link rn but you can type in Sycronia Prologue and Sycronia information only

sorry for being extremely late @Prussia but it’s added now (I never check forums nowadays sry)

Okay thanks!

@A_Name I’ve added yours


I will get on this list mark my words


it is time

remake Ultimatum’s section and replace it with the new version

give me a description cause I ain’t writing it myself

also give me the link to the first ep you want there because I’m lazy


get real

ok uh Ultimatum

i feel like writing a description myself will make me look egotistical ;-;

then I’m keeping the last one

@A_Name I’ve updated yours

You should definitely add The Devil’s Swordsman :mariomug: :nod:


A renowned swordsman is sent on a mission by a man called “The Devil” on an assassination journey. During this mission, the man meets two siblings, Sammy and Danny, in the town of Ironport and decides to overwatch and help them out. Who is this mysterious swordsman looking for, and more importantly, who sent him? This series, written by @StarForDays, is a spectacle to read, so don’t miss out on this wild journey!

@StarForDays done

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@Danny_Zou I know it’s late but I have a story I would like to put here. The title is Riothamus Conivus Nerva. I am on part 5 as of now, and I’m releasing a part everyday (I have nothing else to do).


A boy born in a village closest to Mount Olympus is given the name Riothamus, with his father being Hades, God of the Underworld. He is trained day and night, until Hades leaves Riothamus at the young age of 14 to complete 1 final task, he must kill Prometheus, Giver of Magic, no matter how long it takes. And afterwards take his fathers mantle as the God of the Underworld. This story is currently being written by @NoGame. And so join Riothamus, in his journey to kill the god.

Riothamus Conivus Nerva

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