The Devil’s Swordsman | Part 1

The Devil’s Swordsman - Part 1
A World of Magic Story

“How much?”

“However much you want, as long as you work for me. Is it a deal?” A loud silence then rose throughout the dark room. Two men sat across from each other, sitting in utter silence. One of them, a great man who fights with the blade. The other, a legend whose responsible for killing so many, he is called the Devil himself.

“However much I want? Who is this guy I’m supposedly tracking down anyway?”

“Does it matter?”

“It does, I am making a deal with the devil himself after all.”

The devilish man laughed. “I think I like you! Here, take this sword. It belongs to a great knight that roams around this area of Magius. It should help you. This man that you’re after, his name is…”

2 Weeks later…

A man with a darkly colored cloak and hood was walking through the crowded streets of Ironport. From the corner of his eye, he could see a group of bandits in the alleyway cornering a duo of teenagers. He then approached the commotion.

“Ay c’mon, we just want a little money. That isn’t too hard to ask?”

“Leave us alone!” One of the teenagers exclaimed. He had short, blonde hair and seemed taller then his counterpart. The other teenager was a girl, who had long, blonde hair and was wearing a light blue dress.

“Somebody save us!” The girl yelled. Then from behind, the cloaked figure tapped on one of the bandits shoulder.

“Excuse me sir, do you know these two?”

“Yeah, we’re just havin a little fun!” The bandit responded.

“Ah I see, carry on.” The cloaked figure then began to walk off from the group.

“Were doomed!” the girl said. She then began to slap her forehead with her hand. Then, from behind, the cloaked figure kicked one of the bandits from the other side in which he was last seen. The bandits were then surprised.

“Get em boys!” The bandits then began to draw out their swords, daggers, and bows, ready to begin the fight.

The cloaked figure then took out a small dagger, then getting into a fighting position.

Edit: I removed the last paragraph due to the amount of cringe it was inflicting. Plus, the line of dialogue doesn’t really suit the character I’m going for. You can check out Part 2 Here. Thanks for reading!


I am dying of sheer cringe

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I am dying because

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Plot Twist: I’m the antagonist in this story :flushed:

oof I didn’t know people thought of it as so edgy and full of cringe :frcryin:

It was probably the last paragraph

Last line was cringe as fuck but a pretty good read I would say so for myself

What part exactly made people cringe, I’m kinda curious

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Where can I find the rest of the series (not part 6 and 7)

At the end of each chapter there’s an edit message that I make and you just have to click the word(s) in orange. Thanks for reading :+1:

Thanks didint see it