Server region join

Server region join
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i would like to be able to join servers in my region so i can get less ping and be able to play smoothly

i think a simple way to implement this would be to change the teleport ui in the title screen to something like this

(i may have missed some regions, mb if i did)

something like this would be helpful for players with low end pcs get higher fps, but also help high end players too
its a feature that has no downside and doesn’t allow easy farming, which a server list would cause


not bad

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Better option: Remove join users and replace it with server region join fr…

bounty hunters:

We shall give them peace
no blood, violence, 24/7

we have 50/50 of each now

yes please

im glad you guys like this

i would keep it and add option to make that no one can send request to join to your server unless you are top 100 player in leaderboard

but wouldn’t that just be a downside to something that is supposed to be good

that thing bypasses roblox basic security when it comes to people stalking you

fair enough

I suggested this like 3 times already, PLEASE ADD

thank all

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vetex add plssssssssssssssssssssssss

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