Shadow magic is bad

can someone please change my mind a bout shadow magic being the worst and grossest magic ever. ITS SO BAD. the magic sucks so much at everything. its the most over rated magic

everyone who has dark or shadow powers is a creep: image

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fr, looks ugly af


Now I wouldn’t say worst Magic but it is pretty ugly looking

At first I thought this was about its strength and I was about to burst a blood vessel

But yeah, Shadow in WoM is gross. Ugly design.

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yea its a bout the magic in general to

i mean i dont know about you but this guy seems pretty cool


All I have to say is: B(

skill issue ngl

nah mainly hating oh how useless it is when it comes to combos and status effects

its quite powerful on its own tho sooooo…

but there are way better magic that are powerful on its own and have good status effects and combos

Stop baiting

thats kinda the point like a joke argument rampage like how some one goes on and on a bout why a food is there least favorite food (wait are there rules in the forums)

on its own, it performs pretty decently all things considered

as things are now though shadow will almost certainly be immediately left in the dust when second magics are out lol

yea lol i mean its one effect its one thing it has is to make your screen look like a 1960’s movie

POV: You were hit by a shadow magic attack


You are left entirely incapacitated.


it is mildly disorienting in all fairness but that’s about it honestly

light just upstages it completely in looks. I feel religious when i play light

nah shikamaru is dope

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I can’t stop making my OCs have Shadow powers help