Share your crackpot build ideas

would you get more intensity from replacing the argos chestplate with an arcanium mage shirt?

Yes, but then this little teal parasite shows up. Same reason why I didn’t pick the Bronze Chainmail Shirt.

i also need to remember- intensity decreases ultimate art cooldowns by 0.01 per point, right?

Disregarding wasting EP, I tried making this. Also I don’t know how much it decreases Ult cooldowns.

i think i remember someone saying each point decreases the cd by 0.01 seconds, so with this much the cooldown would be around 25 seconds instead of 30

could also do this, technically you can push the intensity up by 24 if you disregard the efficiency and do purely intensity gems

The beach warlock!

Glass Warlock with Cannon Fist, with Glass Magic gear—all of it with Powerful enchants.

Literal glass cannon. Like, 600+ damage with most attacks.

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The everything build

4 insanity is insane bro

Never played around with Drawback other than when it released because I hate the semi-permanent blood effects.

I hate turning into a tomato