She was imprisoned because she is insane


yandere in AO no way…

wait a minute

she escaped

oh god Revon no-


Let her cook

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let her cook

guys, hear me out


An npc in Rubica did talk about rumors of Revon dumping his girlfriend. That ship left the harbor, sailed the open blue, then got sunk in a god sent hurricane. With how much that kid overreacted to our casual regicide and his mental health in question, that ship may be salvageable.

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Don’t let her cook she will burn

An npc also mentioned that King Calvus has children. Imagine them coming to kill us. But that will most likely not happen lol. Revon however…

She is a definition of Yanderu and Dere Dere

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which town was this in?

Quintus Bronze from Rasna

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Picture of the dialogue? Not at home right now and would like to see it.

Cook what bro? Prince Revon??



Yummy, roasted Ravenna prince.

We really did ruin his life :skull:

Honestly, since I rewatched the cutscene where we escape the Eternal Mines, I saw three dead prisoners, and two of them looked disturbingly similar to the black-haired pale woman we talked to and the yandere chick, so I think Revon’s physically safe, though not mentally.

wait some of them died?

damn i didnt notice that the first time

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