Shell island treasure chart

I have been struggling with this treasure chart for quite some time now, I just cannot figure out where it might be. Anyone got some tip for this?


Ima guess to the right of the village on the little cliff area.

it should be to the left of the village in a high place

The thing is, that is not northwest from the center at all

nvm, i misread it as north northwest

Ah that makes sense

I give up I have searched the entire west/northwest side and there is no treasure here at all

tried areas around red dot?

five times now

im in the same boat tbh.

and yet ive been digging around that area like 4 times lol. nothing.

oh bru
this is where i found it. quote on quote “half way south of southwest” :sweat_smile:

guess it was correct i just needed to start from the center???
in your case

should be these areas i guess.

I’ve dug in that area a ton now. I’ve just given up for now and moved onto another chart for now next door to this island

found that treasure really damn easily, went back to this other and still nothing


It was around here

how tf is that west northwest

I have no idea!

regardless I have a second I am struggling with

“on the east southeast edge” wtf and does ground mean specifically grass/dirt or does it include sand :sob:

I have no idea?! they make these really hard to figure out

some treasure charts will say to dig in the sand. so the fact that this says to dig in the ground likely means grass. thats a clue. but i remember this specific treasure chart. me and a friend tried this one before last night. we were there for not minutes, but hours.

they gotta make the hints for these charts less vague

I think it might be around here?