Ship cooking pots

Ship cooking pots
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Ok since I can’t post in suggestions and really don’t know how to apply, I’ll post this here and hope someone moves this.

Here I go.

Why can’t we have a cooking pot add on to ships?
I know, it seems like a useless feature, but…

Imagine this…
You and your clan are chilling until someone contests harvest island.
Your opponent is a magma pulsar mage and you need all the help you can get. You and your three friends board the boat and head out to harvest island, but wait…
Your chef friend forgot the recovery 5 meal. You don’t have time to go back to Ravenna or else your island will be gone. In comes the cooking pot feature. And item of uncommon rarity that has a 1/20 chance to drop from sealed chests. This allows you to cook on your ship. Once built. The blueprint will place itself on a preset location on your ship. This should hopefully remove the hassle of having to forget food all the time, and makes ships have more add-ons.

Feel free to suggest anything that I should add on to this
Also regulars move this to suggestions since I can’t post there yet.


I would be very surprised if larger ships didn’t have a place to cook, either just by default or from an add-on.

The only add-on listed in the Trello is for a mounted fishing rod, so there’s a lot of possibilities. Plus, the frigate will be the first ship with a customizable interior.

Moved to suggestions, if you want to apply for suggestor yourself you can go to this page and click “request”

I like this Idea, there should actually be an extention where
you can have a slot on your shipyard, a better pot maybe? and maybe even a slot for a cook! because in one piece, luffy’s pirate crew has a cook!

i thought this was a no brainer for addon but i guess it doesn’t hurt to post this

boats don’t have any add-ons yet so a cooking pot add on sounds nice


I need this but instead of a cooking pot, its a bounty board (I dont wanna go back to shell island after bounty hunting in forest of cernunno)

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