Shops are surprising

Isn’t it surprising there isn’t a shop selling only skill notes? I expected there to be a good couple by now, ngl

Skill notes can be obtained just from taking it out of a weapon you have in ur inventory

It’s practically useless to trade skill notes unless you sold your fury of the sea skill note somehow

or tried to get a fury of the sea without having sunken staff not knowing its not compatible

Yeah but some skill notes like crushing judgement(I think) are harder to obtain

But is crushing judgement really worth using on like iron/old pieces though, also a lot of players of what I know do have vindicators, relatively easy to get if you just grind blindly

Usually crushing judgement is always left on vindicator unless you were a savant
but weapon requirement (skill use) does scale on the type of skill it is

But I’m unsure what the math is for crushing and old/iron weapons

fair enough

but if anyone would start a shop like that, it would be @opticalcord

If smn started a note shop, who would it be
  • Optie would start a note shop
  • Somebody else would
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Optical would start a note shop after losing his full set of sunken warrior and exotic scrolls
(attempting to re-gain his value with the littlest he has)

Ye, bro would be desperate

Ngl I thought you meant an npc shop instead of a player shop when I first read this

Got me thinking of a suggestion for an npc skill note shop…

Suggestion for an NPC shop that sells skill notes
  • Yes (Unique shop)
  • Yes (Part of armorer)
  • Yes (With skill notes exclusive to shops)
  • No
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theres practically no reason to sell a skill note rather than the weapon it came from

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Ye have an armorer sell a small amount of random skill notes for cheap in addition to the normal items (armor and weapons)

eh I have all weapons ig



I made the suggestion I (sorta) promised.