Should AA be uncopylocked?

WOM Remake exists but is in Early development

Ar is made off of an exploited file of arcane adventures and vetex is cool with that. The only differences are changes the devs purposely made

If AA was uncopylocked people would start making AA simulator cashgrabs that disgrace the series

i originally voted in favor of uncopylocking it so that people could explore the map, but now that i’ve read the thread it’s become pretty clear that, if that happens, it’s probably going to be used to make cash-grab knockoffs that ignore the legacy of the series. Also, i don’t see why people should be required to explain why they voted against it, unless if it was the same for those who voted in favor.

I personally don’t see the knockoff cash grab argument for being a reason to be against AA being uncopylocked. Also my stance on this is largely indifferent, and think that the consequences of either for or against are very negligible.

To the original point at hand:

  • Whats stopping these people from doing it anyways?
  • How would those potential cash grabs remotely even have a chance to get to a point that it would overshadow AO and AA’s impact/legacy?
  • Its quite literally already been done over the years given AR, AL, etc.

This conversation is a bit silly to exist imo but neat to archive some view points ig. Change or status quo nothing really happens, other than more or the limited ways of accessibility. Vetex doesn’t seem mind too much about it and it’s not like people couldn’t and weren’t already recreating the map accurately if not updating it.

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