Should I halt Winged Warriors to make a simulator game?

Encounters has both fantasy and guns, so it might work

this simulator is different

encounters seems to be a place where people from different worlds meet

if i had lore reasons, then i’ll just say that magic existed a very long time ago and people are rediscovering old weapons

you’re starting off with just fists and using something like mana combat

holy shit a perfect balance?!?!

what color should mana canonically be (there’ll be a color gamepass)
  • white
  • rainbow
  • other (replies/changes depending on move)
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blue??? its literally blue, it has to be blue!!

“purple is my favorite color”
Purple Is My Favorite Color! | Know Your Meme

i have a little cosmetic/minor question (doesnt change the gameplay much)

should the quest system be an npc or just you
  • an npc quest giver
  • just you (self learned quest)?
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if it was an npc, it’d be one of the few people whos still alive from the time of the previous magic-giving meteor. you’d spawn in some weird ass abandoned warehouse?

if it was you, you’d spawn in a normal house in a neighborhood.

Despite everything, it’s just you

You know what, it’d be refreshing to see a normal guy just up and go on an adventure sometime. Not some fairy or old man or some prophecy that forces you to go do something, but just joe deciding to wake up one day and kill god.

also btw scripting the self-learned quest would be slightly easier