Should I make guides about WoM/AO bosses?


I’ve had this idea for some time.

I know WoM is on the verge of not existing anymore, but I thought these guides would be useful for new players/forum users or people who have struggles fighting them. This would also apply to future AO bosses, because, well, if you’re gonna make a guide for WoM bosses, continue with AO bosses too, then.

The idea for this was to have an entire, dedicated post about bosses and guides about them. I thought of this as a nice idea.

How would this work?

This would be an entire post that mentions boss attributes, attacks, abilities, tactics against fight, recommended equipment & magics (though you can still do it with anything you want, I’m just pointing out what would give an advantage) as well as mention all the rewards, such as currency/items they give upon defeat.

You can also ‘‘participate’’ and contribute, in these guides, in any way if you’d like to, because if I say anything wrong (such as a wrong number, example, wrong damage or a missing ability) and you’d like to correct that mistake, or you want to take part in these guides (example: you obtain a drop when I don’t and you want to show the stats it provides for me to add), you can just do it.

This is just a way to give you all some participation, but anyways, I’m the one responsible for these posts, because I’ve decided to make these, after all.

What do you say? Leave a reply below if this is a good idea or not, comment anything you think about this, I’ll read all of your comments.

Boss Guides: yes or no?
  • Yes, it would be pretty helpful
  • No, it isn’t needed/Someone else will do it
  • I don’t care, do what you want

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IMPORTANT: Reminder that this poll will close in 3 days, so make sure to vote before it does!

i won’t vote since I made this, so I’ll check the poll once it closes.


what the hell?

instant flashbacks

they are super easy though

Someone else has already done it, and it was quite successful. Might not be completely up to date tho, not sure about that.

It’s got WoM bosses and will have AO ones when it comes out.
Now you can still make your own boss guides, but a new comprehensive wiki on bosses might not be needed.


might consider that. anyways, the decision is still mine.


I might consider putting links to various guides to strategies on how to beat bosses for AO, when I put its bosses in.
Also, no, it isn’t necessarily up to date, mostly out of laziness and not playing for a while, but at the same time it’s mostly the same anyway.


step 1: push the bosses into an ocean

That sometimes doesn’t give rewards that I know and it’s just a coward strategy.

It still works though :sunglasses:

If you actually include a strategy for defeating the boss, that’d be great, because the main strategy for exiled for me is to just run around and hope I don’t die

The Gift Giver is such a boring title for an undead titan.


so those are the results!

@liu i think this post has concluded imo. as i made it, can u close pls?