Should I write a book?

Hey guys I am a bit of a writer and I thought one day “wouldn’t it be cool to write a book on my character in game?” Now yes I would include World of Magic but after arcane odyssey comes out I would make up a story of how he got there, the only question is should I do this?

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Yeah, would be pretty cool B)

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yes hello new writer, it all comes down to if you want to do it or not

if you need inspiration come here and read through some of our current series! Series Recognition

feel free to make as many stories as you like, we don’t judge here :sunglasses:

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…unless you’re a keyboard warrior

I am going to be embarrassingly honesty.

If by “book” you mean novel length, 400 page, 40,000 word book, then no. It’s honestly a waste of your efforts to write a fanfic of that size.

Anything short of that is a “sure why not”.

I’ll list some common things you’ll need to keep in mind:

  1. Total Length. My current piece, Firestorm (yes I know shameless plug) is sitting at 18,000 words and about 90 pages, and is not quite at half its potential length. It has greatly expanded since its original inception. On the other hand, there are plenty shorter works who either have a) just started or b) been less complex. As @Robotstics mentioned, there’s a compilation of series, not including the vast number of one-shot short stories. Longer pieces are invariably harder to write. They require more dedication, a thorough and interesting plot that the author has gotten the basics of by at the latest the fifth or so episode (depending on episodic length) and what’s more, you’re going to get less and less readers as time goes on. This last point is a definite fact, and for example, my latest episode has only 6 clicks, with an approximated one or two being myself. I recommend taking every now and then to compile your entire work and post it, at suitable intervals, like when a large story arc ends.
  2. Episodic Length. You have the choice of how long each episode is. With the extreme of releasing it all at once, or on the other side like Ultimatum, @Robotstics 's piece (which has the shortest episodes as far as I know), with an average of about 700-1000 words per episode. I personally release at about 1400 words. It’s totally a matter of preference. Shorter episodes are easier for people to digest and easier for you yourself to write, but might prove choppy and make it hard for you to develop certain parts well. You could mix it up, but it’s simpler to keep it regular.
  3. Plot. By far the bane of any writing is the plot. As I said, it should be developed by at the latest the fifth release. Any longer and you’ll find yourself limited by your own exposition, forced to retcon or work around facts you no longer find conducive to your plot. A good plot is both hard and easy to make. I recommend you remember that while the Arcane Universe is your setting, it’s also your own writing. Feel free to change whatever you want to fit the purposes of the plot, so long as it’s mentioned.
  4. Grammar and Format. From your question alone, I doubt this’ll be a problem but a lot of the writers are actually not native English speakers, and this causes problems in understanding. Remember that good grammar keeps the flow, and bad or awkward grammar causes the reader to step out of the story, which is bad for us fiction writers. As for format, choose whatever suits you. I recommend you do not write with the forum’s default formatting. It’s worst problem is the lack of indentation, which ruins standard novel format. Remember that in dialogue, each new speaker must be denoted with a new paragraph, which usually is accompanied by indentation, which the forums doesn’t support. Good options are either google docs (used by literally everyone else) and pdf hosting, used by me alone.

Imo a longer story feels easier since you’re not restricting yourself to hyper fast pacing nor issues with connecting to the characters, just takes more time.


Longer stories are easier to write but attract less attention because not many have the patience for all that.

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