Should legendary ships give infamy?(not a suggestion)

You read the topic go ahead and discuss :smiley:

No. Just island capturing pls

No. but uh would it make sense?

It would not make sense. Your just defeating a pirate ship for loot, not any different from normal pirate ships.

legendary ships arent just normal pirate ships. They have preset npcs, have boss drops, and will be more unique than pirate ships. What youre saying is just wrong, but i do agree that they shouldnt give any infamy

Totally agree. It doesn’t in the world makes sense for them to give the guild infamy.

I get that they have a lot more loot and bosses, but all your doing is destroying a pirate ship. I didn’t mean they were normal pirate ships.

eh maybe considering that if they are like “legendary” or have a somewhat legendary rep among the NPC’s or the AO world then probably since it would make sense in a way unless I’m being stupid

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What rep would they give then? Cause the legendary ships would aggro into positive and negative reps

Based on what proof? Who says vetex wont make the ships themselves unique too? They could have special weapons for example or be huge. We barely know anything about them besides the few things i mentioned prior

None. Apart from the fact that it’s titled “Legendary Ship”. It’s kind of hinting towards it being a pirate ship. They are probably gonna be unique, but they are still pirate ships.

so purely based on the name “legendary ship” you assume that it will just be a modified pirate ship? Would have been accurate in aa but vetex’s developing skills have improved a lot and you know he wants to make ao a big hit. So do you genuinely think theyll actually just be modified pirate ships? I doubt it


Well it stills a legendary pirate ship
“Damm bro i just defeated lostbeard and destroyed his legendary ship!”
“So you destroyed a pirate ship? Not impressive”

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Bro your making it sound like I think a legendary ship is not rare or defeating one is not impressive (It might not be idk). If you read the topic title and my replies, all I was saying is that at it’s core, it’s a pirate ship. I’m exited for the feature because it adds some more boss fights and better ways to get loot, but I don’t think you should get infamy from it.

you make it sound like every hostile ship is a pirate ship :joy:

That kinda made sound like “nah its just your average buffed pirate ship, too small thing to give infamy”

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That’s what I’m saying yes. Or it could be a kingdom ship idk.

if any of these would become legendary ships in ao, would you still classify them as “modified pirate ships/pirate ships at their core”? They might be extreme examples but i just wanted to show that not every ship is a pirate ship at its core because thats just bullshit

(the borealis is only there to show a huge ship)

Looks like a battleship, has a edgey design. And I don’t the term “pirate ship” means the ship specifically has to be made out of wood.

Modified Sky ship, pirates could be riding them.

Was this not a pirate ship?

Also bro I was joking about all hostile ships being pirate ships. I just assumed Legendary Ships were pirate ships because ocean + hostile ship usually equals pirate ship. And everything I have said is under the assumption that Legendary Ships are pirate ships.

I’m gonna stop now.

Wtf when did I say that