Since so many people are asking. Can someone make a list of perma banned users and why they were banned

Lotta people are asking so might as well make a list

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I don’t think so much people are asking

Says the person who asked who someone who was permabanned was


Mods why you gotta remove cemetary

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True lol

Zephyr was banned for not listening to the mods when they told him to cease his behaviour (the bugger made a total of four apology posts or something).

RB1 was banned for antagonizing/ignoring mods.

Fat_Fishe was a dick, but I don’t remember why they were banned.

Angmar was banned because of the headless incident.

Desired made a lot of tasteless jokes. People kinda got sick of him after awhile.

That’s all I remember from my time on the forums. Well, the notable ones at least. There were some who went quietly, or just got banned fast enough for me to not notice.

Robin correct, just saying ban reasons for 2

Saying skill issue to (I forgor but he had a tank pfp) when he made a post on getting tested positive for covid.

That was just a suspension and then I think the ban was just him calling people retards

He was banned long before a nazi, his alt which was witch king something got banned for headless incident.

Bald Vetex - Banned for pipebomb instructions

account name was something along the lines of T-37. The name of the tank in the picture