The cemetery

you know what to do next :swag:

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Wasn’t there this one guy I think his name was pip zog or something and he got suspended


put sister or something

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not a trello user, but the earliest roblox account that i could find that is mine.

godspeed alazanslayer7888

5 days later, I bring you a new gravestone:

Captura de pantalla 2021-02-17 093732

Isn’t talking about moderation like… against the rules

Did I seriously miss out on it? Also, this is just people posting suspended accounts, if this is talking about moderation then it was wrong to do this…

Also that @anon7944431 guy was banned.

Damn, I completely forgot about that account. That was one of Sister’s alts for sure.

Huh? i’m not banned

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Oh god maybe you should change your name

why? Mal is portuguese for bad and I am from brazzers