SkittleSnakes1's Morock yap and ramble thread

morrock and morock are actually 2 sides of the same coin.

Morock is the one who solos the Arcane Verse.
Morrock is the one who solos your favourite mc.

Even if Morock had the ability to breathe in space, he wouldn’t win a single fight in space. Fire can’t burn in space because there’s no oxygen.

He doesn’t need air. He’s a curse user.

Yes… he would? This is not regular fire :skull: Again, another case of someone who knows nothing about the scaling of the GFCs raising their tone to act liek they do. The Promethean Flame has the ability to spread, explode and burn just from the ties coming from the other GFCS. Morock and the Promethean flame COULD work in space, because curses are tied to their body

Would this mean curse users are incapable of bleeding to death.

I know Averill used his to save himself, but I’m pretty sure he did it by replacing his arm rather than just ignoring the bleeding.

wym? i don’t think they can even bleed in certain circumstances

yea but he used the curse to make a new arm after getting it
(his arm was cut prior to getting the curse)

Morden is bleeding after his fight with julian, it is unknown whether his tiredness is due to blood loss or just the exhaustion of the fight though.

Listen it’s really cute that you’re going to defy the one of the only requirements for fire to burn with the power of magic and all but you can’t have fire in space. You need oxygen for fire to burn. There’s no workaround for that.

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The reinforcement and the curse bonded into the body in question:
(bro knows jack shit abt how arcane’s magic works :sob:)

Elemental Curse users can bypass bleeding, etc by turning into their element. I don’t know if Morden can even do this because how does one become death. (the destroyer of worlds)

Morden does do it, he turns his arms into death magic before he fights Julian

Oh fair. I guess his bleeding can be chalked up to lack of experience with the Death Curse, since we know Curse Users can typically bypass bleeding. (but tbf he was also fighting the glass curse user)

Yeah and also we don’t know whether or not that bleeding actually had an effect on him as well. We don’t even know if it affected Averill since it just said that the curse saved him and he made an arm out of light.

All we know is that it does hurt.


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I figured it was sorta a matter of the foreign magic energy disrupting the curse cause the whole way curse users are damaged is by having foreign magical energy react with theirs. So having glass imbedded in his skin for a while would make it so Morden couldn’t properly turn that part of his body into death magic until after(not sure how long after) Julian’s glass was removed.


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