Smaller Magic Jumps Should Cast Faster

Currently, magic jumps basically exchange size for magic energy cost. While this seeems good enough, knowing you can only use one jump before touching the ground makes this exchange seem less worth it. Before you could use multiple midair so that exchange was not as bad, but now that it’s gone you get much less value from smaller sizes since you’re sacrificing so much height just for some magic energy being conserved.

These detriments magnify even more with magic jumps all being halved in height.

Smaller magic jumps casting faster would not entirely fix this problem, but alleviate a lot of it, and for higher levels it will probably fix it all. Being less vulnerable while casting a puny little jump is much better than being equally as vulnerable as casting a powerful jump.

Credit to Meta for bringing this to my attention

Honestly, ill probably just use magic jumps as a quick dodge/escape.

From what I know, magic jumps will function as magic dodges once you reach a certain level, so there’s that.

I’m ahead of the game then, literally.

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